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Start Your Career In Healthcare By Learning The Basics

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“For many nurses and other clinicians, their career in healthcare began as a nursing assistant,” says Darla Parks, RN, an instructor in the Campbell County Health (CCH) Professional Development department.

Darla herself began working as a nursing assistant 42 years ago. Her experience includes long term care, inpatient nursing, public health, school nursing, home health and hospice, quality assurance and cardiac rehabilitation.

“I started teaching CPR,” said Darla. “I always had an interest in teaching, and now I teach many different classes to help students start out in healthcare or improve the skills they have.”

CCH has several courses scheduled in this spring to begin or enhance the skills needed for a healthcare career.

Certified Nurse Assistant, or CNA classes prepare students to enter the world of healthcare. CNAs play a significant role in relaying information to other members of the healthcare team, since they have almost constant contact with patients or residents. CNAs responsibilities include maintaining patient hygiene, supporting doctors and nurses with medical procedures and technical treatments, patient charting, and explaining care instructions to patients. They work under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). The CNA course prepares students to take the state CNA written and skills test.

CNA II classes teach 22 additional skills beyond the initial CNA class, increasing the potential for advancement and employment opportunities, with four weeks of online learning and three days of hands-on training. Students must be 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED and a current Wyoming CNA license, and have completed at least 1500 hours of work as a CNA to take the course.

Medication Aide, or MA-C classes prepare students to provide medication administration to patients and residents. At CCH, Medication Aides work in long-term care at The Legacy. The course requires six weeks of online learning and 24 ½ hours of skills training. Students also complete 40 hours of clinical experience with their employer as part of the Wyoming State Board of Nursing certification requirements. Participants must have a current CNA II license.

Register or learn more about these classes, including dates, fees and locations, at; or call 307-688-6040.

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