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Food Allergy Awareness Week May 8-14th, 2022

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Food Allergy Awareness Week May 8-14th, 2022

Over 32 million Americans have a serious and potentially life-threatening food allergy. The picture widens to nearly 85 million Americans impacted, when you account for all the people who shop for, cook for, and live with those with severe food allergies, as well as those with food intolerances and avoidances. Campbell County Health’s Wellness Screenings Department stands with the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) organization this month to celebrate ‘Living Teal Food Allergy Awareness Week’ From May 8th through May 14th.

We invite all of our friends in the food allergy community to learn and connect through food, education, advocacy, and more.

May is also a great time to get tested for food allergies. Campbell County Health’s Laboratory can perform a different type of allergy test that requires a small blood sample with comprehensive results. When a provider orders the Spiriplex allergy test, only four drops of blood are needed. The sample is tested for 68 of the most common food and environmental allergens, like dust mites, weeds, grasses, eggs, and peanuts. Patients as young as six months old can be tested, and each sample is tested separately three times for better accuracy. All of our primary care providers can refer patients to the lab for allergy testing.

Want to get more involved with this awareness campaign? Visit the FARE’s Food Allergy Awareness Week 2022 website

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