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Thanks for working here this week: Lexi Gigstad, RN

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Thanks for working here this week: Lexi Gigstad, RN

Meet Lexi Gigstad, registered nurse in the Heptner Cancer and Infusion Center. Lexi has worked in healthcare for a little over seven years, and at CCH for 2 ½ years. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.

Lexi enjoys being able to help and care for others during some of their most vulnerable times, not only to physically care for them, but to just be there for them in any way possible. She says that healthcare is the best place to help those who need it.

Her healthcare hero is her grandpa, who passed away from colon cancer when she was seven years old. Even though Lexi never really got to know him, she was inspired to be as caring and selfless as he was. He was a doctor in the Navy, and then practiced as an OB doctor in a small town near where she grew up. Many people have told her that he either delivered them, or that he delivered their kids.

Lexi says, “That was always so cool to hear. They always said such positive and heart-warming things to me about him, which made me know how big of a heart he had. I only hope to live up to what he was able to do for so many of his patients.”

Lexi is very proud of her coworkers, saying “The countless patients that come to see us daily, weekly, and monthly have consistently said to me and the other girls I work with, how well we all get along together and help each other out. For the patients to see and realize that all of us do our very best to give our patients the best care, means so much to me. And that by the end of the day, we all have each other’s backs and can step in at any moment.”

For Lexi, the best part about working at the Heptner Cancer Center is the relationships she gets to build with her patients and their families. She says, “We’re the last place that most patients want to be spending their day. But, seeing their cheerful energy and happiness goes to show that they can still enjoy the company they get with us nurses, even if they’re coming in to see us for cancer treatment or other infusion.”

To Lexi, Excellence Every Day means striving to always care for her patients in the best way possible, and to meet all of their needs during their stay. But, to also know that there are always ways to improve, like coordinating care efficiently and effectively with co-workers within and between departments.

When she’s not working, Lexi loves to read, shop, and spend time outdoors. She also enjoys weekly family suppers with her sister-in-law; with lots of games and puzzles, traveling back to North Dakota to see family and friends, and baking treats to bring to work to share with co-workers. She’s currently planning and awaiting her upcoming wedding this June in the Black Hills.

Thank you, Lexi, for taking great care of your patients every day at Campbell County Health. We appreciate all that you do.

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