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Workplace Injuries

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Workplace Injuries


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No matter the size of your business or the industry it operates in, workplace safety should always be a priority. Without a safe work environment, employees are less satisfied with their jobs and less productive in doing them. Not to mention the higher risk of accident or injury they face. For example, construction workers should wear a hard hat to protect themselves and a nurse should wear gloves to prevent the spread of bacteria. There are many other safety tools these workers use, but each worker has a unique set of rules they follow to keep themselves and others safe. Safety in the workplace is one of the most important things to uphold.

Why are there safety rules in the workplace?

Workplace safety or occupational safety, involves implementing plans, procedures and training to keep your employees safe on the job. That doesn’t just mean preventing accidents on the job. It also extends to the mental health and general wellbeing of your employees.

The necessary safety measures for a workplace differ by industry and facility. Generally speaking, it usually involves elements such as proper emergency procedures, safe handling of equipment and materials, first aid, fire safety, electrical safety, and general accident prevention.Tailoring these safety measures to your workplace helps to keep employees safe, allowing them to do their jobs without risk of workplace injury.

How can you stay safe in the workplace?

No matter the type of workplace you are in, there are rules to protect yourself and others. Your job should provide you with a list of these rules. If you do not know what the safety precautions are, ask your direct supervisor for a copy. Also, in the workplace if you see or notice something that is a potentially dangerous situation, say something. Education and prevention are essential to keeping a workplace safe.

Here are some tips to keep employees safe in the workplace:

  1. Perform a Risk Assessment
  2. Workplace Safety Training

  3. Safety Equipment

  4. Manage Workplace Stress

  5. Speak up about Safety

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