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Thanks for Working Here This Week: Carly Patel

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Thanks for Working Here This Week: Carly Patel

Meet Carly Patel, registered nurse in Radiation Oncology at the Heptner Cancer Center. She has worked at CCH for seven years and in healthcare for 13 years. She received her nursing degree from Casper College, and worked in Casper for a time after graduation.

The Heptner Cancer Center provides advanced facilities and comprehensive cancer treatment including Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy. Radiation therapy utilizes ionizing radiation from a machine called a linear accelerator to break up and destroy the molecules within tumor cells.

As a nurse in Radiation Oncology, Carly interacts daily with patients who are receiving radiation therapy, asking about side effects and pain management. A course of radiation therapy can last from two to eight weeks, and during that time patients can experiences changes in their skin and even burns from their treatment.

“Carly does more than her nursing duties,” says Leigh Johnson, Director of the Heptner Cancer Center. “She often helps with charting and scheduling follow-up appointments after radiation is completed. She’s also certified in chemotherapy and can work on the medical oncology side if needed. When patients see a consistent face during their treatment, it helps build relationships and make them feel more at ease.”

Carly has worked with many healthcare heroes in her years of nursing practice. She says, “Nurses, in general, have such a deep love and care for what they do. Really, they are all healthcare heroes. Nursing can be a very difficult job. It can push you to your limits, and because of that, all nurses need recognition as heroes.”

What she likes most about working in her department is the sense of family with staff and patients. She says, “I have really felt a sense of purpose in healthcare. The patients truly appreciate you and your work and are always kind and thankful.”

When she is not working, Carly loves to spend time with her husband and two sons, Navik (age 4) and Kailin (age 3). The family also enjoys traveling.

Thank you, Carly, for taking great care of our patients every day at Campbell County Health. We appreciate all that you do.

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