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NE Wyoming Patient Experience Enhanced with Unprecedented Call Handling Performance

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NE Wyoming Patient Experience Enhanced with Unprecedented Call Handling Performance

GILLETTE, Wyo. - August 11, 2023 -  Campbell County Medical Group (CCMG) is excited to share the remarkable success of its newly launched Patient Access Center (PAC). Implemented on February 1, 2023, the PAC has been dedicated to refining the patient experience through streamlined services and improved call handling. The center's performance has exceeded expectations, greatly enhancing patient access to healthcare services at CCMG.

The initial staffing of the PAC has been comprised primarily of CCMG incumbent staff, with depth of knowledge of each CCMG clinic. Additionally, the PAC is located on CCH’s campus, ensuring local staff and community knowledge.

From February to June, the PAC handled an astounding 44,837 calls. That is roughly 300 calls each day. Less than 1% of calls necessitated leaving voicemail messages, ensuring that patients can efficiently connect with the support they need.

One of the most significant achievements of the PAC is a call answer time of just two minutes on average. This rapid response time showcases the commitment of the call center staff to promptly address patient inquiries, leading to heightened satisfaction and overall positive experiences.

"Our primary goal with the Patient Access Center was to create a seamless and patient-centric approach to healthcare access," said Lonnie Schell, CCMG Director. "We are thrilled to witness the positive response from our community, and we hope to continue building upon our initial success."

The PAC's next goals include reducing the rate of call abandonment while continuing to provide excellent customer service to the patients of CCMG. This relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that patients have continually enhanced access to our services, further establishing CCH's goal of becoming Wyoming’s leading healthcare provider.

Key benefits that patients and community members have enjoyed since the PAC's launch include:

  • Reduced call wait times, ensuring quick access to information and support.

  • Minimal voicemail prompts, enabling more direct communication with healthcare professionals.

  • Reduced wait times during clinic check-ins and check-outs, leading to more efficient appointments.

  • An overall streamlined patient experience, building confidence and trust in the healthcare system.

As CCH looks to the future, the PAC aims to extend its services to encompass other ambulatory-based clinical services, ensuring that the benefits of streamlined access and improved patient care reach a broader range of healthcare seekers.

"Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we will continue to grow and innovate to better serve our community," said Samantha Peak, Call Center Coordinator.

With its outstanding performance, the PAC has not only set new standards for patient access at CCMG but also demonstrated CCH's dedication to listening and acting upon community needs and concerns.

About Campbell County Health (CCH): An affiliate of UCHealth, CCH includes Campbell County Memorial Hospital, an acute care community hospital in Gillette Wyoming; Campbell County Medical Group with nearly 20 clinics; The Legacy Living & Rehabilitation Center long-term care center and the Powder River Surgery Center. With around 80 providers, 1,200 total staff and over 20 specialties, CCH is committed to serving our community by providing a lifetime of care with dedication, skill and compassion.


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