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One Call Every Eighty-Five Minutes and Nearly Four Trips Around the Globe

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One Call Every Eighty-Five Minutes and Nearly Four Trips Around the Globe


One Call Every Eighty-Five Minutes and Nearly Four Trips Around the Globe

CCH Celebrates National EMS Week

GILLETTE, Wyo. – May 25, 2023 – For many, their healthcare journey begins with Emergency Medical Services (EMS). In Northeast Wyoming, every 85 minutes, a healthcare journey starts with a call to CCH EMS. In 2022, EMS responded to 6,236 incidents. Of those incidents, 4,139 resulted in transports. The EMS team collectively traveled 96,989 miles, or roughly the equivalent of 3.9 trips around the globe, responding to emergencies, saving lives, and delivering the highest quality of care. This week CCH celebrates the time, dedication, and effort of the EMS team in honor of National EMS Week.

Campbell County Health has operated its own independent EMS service since 1975 and has steadily expanded since. CCH EMS’s expertise and experience in providing emergency medical services have resulted in their services being called upon by communities throughout the northeast Wyoming region.

“Between 17 ambulances and 75 staff members, we directly cover just shy of 10,000 square miles of eastern Wyoming between three counties,” said CCH Manager of Emergency Medical Services Shawna Cochran. “We cover all of Campbell County, and our services can extend as far as Converse County in the south, Montana in the north, South Dakota in the east, and Sheridan County in the West.”

Most recently, Campbell County Health began a joint venture with Sheridan Memorial Hospital to start up Wyoming Regional EMS (WREMS). WREMS provides EMS services throughout Sheridan County and is managed by CCH EMS.

“We have bases in Gillette, Wright, Sheridan, and Newcastle,” said Cochran. “CCH has been a trailblazer in regionalizing EMS services to ensure even the smallest communities have access to emergency services.”

When people call upon EMS, they are typically facing a healthcare crisis - lives are on the line, and every moment and decision counts. In 2022, over 1,700 IVs were established by CCH EMS, and they administered nearly 4,000 medications. The EMS team is highly skilled, decisive, and experts at their craft. They meet patients in a critical moment of need with compassion and care that saves lives.

Join us in celebrating and thanking the EMS team whose impact on the community is invaluable and whose dedication represents the best of Excellence Every Day.


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