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Campbell County Health Radiology Department Leads the Way with DEXA Service

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Campbell County Health Radiology Department Leads the Way with DEXA Service

GILLETTE, Wyo. - September 6, 2023 - Campbell County Health is proud to highlight its Radiology Department's exceptional DEXA service, setting the gold standard for bone density scanning in the region. With three highly skilled and DEXA-certified technologists, Alissa McGrath, R.T.(R)(CT)(BD)(ARRT), Nicole Rozier, R.T.(R)(CT)(BD)(ARRT), and Kamryn Osche, R.T.(R)(M)(BD)(ARRT) at the helm, Campbell County Health offers unparalleled expertise in osteoporosis detection and bone health assessment.

Densitometry, also known as Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry or DEXA, is a cutting-edge medical imaging technique used to measure bone density. It employs high and low-energy X-rays to determine the density of bones in specific regions, such as the pelvis.

What sets Campbell County Health apart is not only the availability of DEXA technology but also the dedication of its certified technologists. Alissa, who joined the department in 2009 as a general x-ray technologist, has since acquired both CT and DEXA certifications. "Accuracy in DEXA scans is critical," Alissa emphasizes. "While certification is not required, it is a testament to skill and accuracy in DEXA."

Similarly, Nicole, who embarked on her journey in 2010 as a general x-ray technologist, has also earned CT and DEXA certifications, solidifying her commitment to excellence.

Nicole explains that DEXA, is primarily used to assess bone density in weight-bearing areas like the lower back and pelvis. While post-menopausal women are common candidates for DEXA scans, the department caters to a diverse range of patients. DEXA plays a crucial role in the early detection of osteoporosis, allowing physicians to address and monitor bone health issues promptly.

To undergo a DEXA scan at Campbell County Health, patients require a doctor's order.

Alissa shared that a family history of osteoporosis or a history of spontaneous fractures are two examples of situations in which a doctor might prescribe a DEXA scan. Typically, most patients undergo DEXA scans every two years, although individual circumstances may warrant more frequent screenings.

Nicole's expertise in DEXA was further recognized when she excelled on her DEXA certification exam. She was subsequently invited by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) to assist in the development of future DEXA certification exams and serve on their board.

"I'm a volunteer with ARRT, and I help write the exams for the DEXA certification," said Nicole.

Campbell County Health's Radiology Department is committed to delivering the highest standards of care, which is why CCH not only offers DEXA, but has three technologists who are DEXA certified and are dedicated to providing Excellence Every Day.

About Campbell County Health (CCH): An affiliate of UCHealth, CCH includes Campbell County Memorial Hospital, an acute care community hospital in Gillette Wyoming; Campbell County Medical Group with nearly 20 clinics; The Legacy Living & Rehabilitation Center long-term care center and the Powder River Surgery Center. With around 80 providers, 1,200 total staff and over 20 specialties, CCH is committed to serving our community by providing a lifetime of care with dedication, skill and compassion.


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