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Emergency Doc Helps Inspire Future Doctors

  • Author: Julie Pflaumer
  • Date Submitted: Jul 9, 2017

"Thanks Dr. Tyler (Dickey) for letting [my daughter] play doctor and taking such great care of my son."

A special thanks to Julie Pflaumer for sharing a story and photo about the care she received at the CCMH Emergency Department from Dr. Tyler Dickey.

"Had to take my little guy to the ER today to get his hand stitched up and the doctor noticed my daughter watching closely, she's a big fan of doctors.. so he asked if she wanted to help him and had her glove up and hold the gauze and bottle while he cleaned my son up. He was so nice to her and she was so excited. I know CCH gets a bad rap a lot but I have to say we've really had good luck with getting great doctors and nurses when we have to be seen. Thanks Dr. Tyler (Dickey) for letting her play doctor and taking such great care of my son."

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