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Visiting Restrictions

Visiting restrictions are in place to help protect visitors, patients, residents and employees.

August 2021

CCH has a responsibility to protect vulnerable patients, residents and our employees from exposure to COVID-19. Campbell County Health's current visitation and outpatient guidelines are in a Yellow level, as determined by CCH , state and federal regulatory authorities. As the COVID county positivity rate increases above 10%, CCH’s Visiting Privileges policy will be changing to level Orange, effective Monday, August 16 at 7 am.

Download the Visiting Policy here

Why does CCH implement visiting restrictions because of the flu?

Editor’s note: We’ve had some questions from our community about why, and how, Campbell County Health implements visiting restrictions because of the flu (influenza).

Flu is a pain. No one wants it, there’s controversy around immunizations and if you have loved ones in the hospital or a nursing home it may mean that you or your children cannot visit them. There’s just nothing fun about it. And, quite frankly, it is frustrating when the powers-that-be seem to keep the season rolling even when the sun is starting to shine, the Easter Bunny arrives with chocolate and the gardening sections at the stores are bustling.

Who decides this stuff, anyway? Read more


For more information on visiting restrictions at CCH, contact Kim Lindeman, BSN, RN, CCH Infection Preventionist, at 307.688.1526. Check out CCH's Flu 411 section for facts on the flu and more. You can also visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at

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