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Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Class

Emergency Medical Responders provide immediate lifesaving care to critical patients who access the emergency medical services system.

EMRs have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide immediate lifesaving interventions while awaiting additional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) resources to arrive. EMRs also provide assistance to higher-level personnel at the scene of emergencies and during transport.

Emergency Medical Responders are a vital part of the comprehensive EMS response. Under medical oversight, Emergency Medical Responders perform basic interventions with minimal equipment.

This class covers first aid, CPR, basic trauma and medical care along with pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions for emergencies.

Successful completion of this course make the student eligible to obtain state certification as an EMR and be prepared to pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicans (NREMT) registry for the EMR certification.

Many small or rural EMS services or volunteer agencies require this for their drivers, as the EMR cannot attend a patient alone in an ambulance but can assist in care while on scene with an Emergency Medical Technicans (EMT) or higher.

While this EMR course does not provide state licensure or certification as an Emergency Medical Responder, this course is ideal for high school and college-aged students to receive training similar to the training EMS professionals receive as they look to enter careers in healthcare, public safety, or law enforcement.

Must be 16 years old by the end of the class.

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