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To 2014 ... and beyond!

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  • Written By: Andy Fitzgerald, CEO
To 2014 ... and beyond!

Do you have a New Year's resolution?

Mine is to run a 100 Mile marathon like Gregg Mentzel in EMS, become a black belt in Karate like John Arnold in Materials Management, learn to fly a plane like Dr. Bob Neuwirth, be artistic like Jamie Eager in Occupational Therapy at Pioneer Manor, and be able to host a game show like Jessica Boyd in Behavioral Health Services.

In fact, I may have to lower my expectations a little and lose three pounds, while learning to play a few more chords on my guitar.

After all, life is about growing and becoming better—or at least it should be. I hope that all of us want to be better people at the end of 2014, than we were at the beginning.

As a healthcare organization, I know we are setting goals to become better. Some of those we will exceed, some we will only partially meet, and some we may in fact fail to achieve. But we will continue to try.

I believe in our vision to become the best healthcare provider in Wyoming. I believe that Campbell County Health is a great place to work, and employs great people that I have the pleasure of working with. They work hard to make our wonderful community a healthier and better place to live.

The employees at CCMH have saved lives, mended hearts, loved people during the last days of their life, and welcomed children into the world in 2013, and we will continue to do this in 2014—only better.


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