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  • Written By: Andy Fitzgerald, CEO

I love summertime. The hotter the better from my perspective.

I grew up in Central California, where summertime temps routinely hit 105 to 110 degrees.

Summertime has always been my favorite time of year—next to fall and winter. Come to think of it, I guess I like spring as well. Oh well, I guess that means I like living in the four seasons of Wyoming. Anyway, I am digressing from my main point, which is to encourage you to enjoy the summertime.

This summer will be a bit of a challenge for me because I am still very much in the rehab stage of my shoulder surgery. While things are going well—according to Hans Kioschos, MD, Powder River Orthopedics and Spine—a Campbell County Clinic, and Kristi Wilde, Rehabilitation Services—it is still a long process.

Last week, I was able to go to our nation’s capital on vacation and see the Smithsonian Museums, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, and most of the memorials in Washington, D.C. That was a great time away for me and my family, and it reminded me of the great country I live in.

It is important for all of us to have our time away from our day-to-day routines. I hope you are each able to take time this summer to relax and recharge your batteries.

You deserve it.

~ Andy

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