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Rehab helps patient maintain active lifestyle

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  • Written By: Kim Phagan-Hansel
Rehab helps patient maintain active lifestyle

Surgeries always come with a little fear for Diane Monahan. An arthritis sufferer, healing after rotator cuff and spinal fusion surgeries was slow and once she’d returned to her regular workout routine, she always injured herself.

“Whenever I’ve gone back to the gym, I’ve reinjured myself,” Diane said.

After she had shoulder surgery last October, she decided to come up with a new recovery plan. Following her three-month rehab program at Campbell County Health, she took advantage of a special offer of a free month with CCH’s Beyond Rehab program and she hasn’t quit since.

“I basically have a personal trainer,” Diane said. “This way I have someone who knows me and my limits. It feels really good to have someone who has all of my records.”

Diane and Bill Monahan walking their dog at CAM-PLEX Park in Gillette, WyomingDiane goes to the Beyond Rehab program twice a week for an hour at a time. On her off days she stays busy with other exercise, including Zumba and walking her dog. Having qualified professionals to help her when she has questions or is nervous about a specific exercise has made all the difference for Diane.

“I never would have thought I could do weight bearing exercises like I’m doing,” Diane said. “I’ve gotten such good results in my upper body and core strengthening. I can see the difference.”

Cody Tweeten is one of the exercise physiologists on staff at CCH Rehabilitation Services who has worked with Diane in the last few months. He helps people to focus on certain muscle groups that will help strengthen their muscles post-operation or help older individuals improve strength and balance.

CCH Cody Tweeten Rehabilitation Services in Gillette, Wyoming“Each person is unique in their own way,” Cody said. “I have to figure out their motivation. And we have physical therapists right next door we can go to for help if we need it.”

Cody creates a specialized workout routine for each individual that helps them work toward the goals they’ve established for themselves. While some individuals, like Diane come in for post-op work, others focus on weight loss or several older individuals focus on improving balance through the Outpatient Conditioning program.

“A lot of people don’t know how to lift correctly,” Cody said. “We can make sure they’re doing it correctly so they don’t reinjure themselves. With simple strengthening techniques they learn how to do the strengthening on their own.”

In order to meet individuals’ needs, Beyond Rehab offers flexibility in scheduling. In addition, the reasonable pricing of 10 sessions for $220, makes it an affordable option for individuals once their insurance coverage runs out for rehabilitation services.

“It’s whatever works with someone’s schedule,” Cody said. “We try to work with people the best that we can.”

For Diane, it’s been easy to get in her workout at Beyond Rehab before work or during her lunch break. More than pleased with the outcome of her work with Beyond Rehab, Diane said she doesn’t see herself stopping any time soon.

“I see myself doing it forever,” Diane said. “I have to keep busy. I’m trying to stay in shape for my grandkids.”

Beyond Rehab is a functional conditioning/personal training program available from CCH Rehabilitation Services for anyone recovering from and injury or conditions affecting the back, joints and muscles. Patients must be referred by a therapist and be beyond the acute phase of the condition or injury. Sessions are held at Rehab Services in the Stocktrail Building in Gillette, Wyoming-on the corner of Sixth Street and Stocktrail Avenue. Cost is $250 for 10 sessions. To learn more, call 307-688-8000.

Article written by Kim Phagan-Hansel, Wyoming freelance writer

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