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Sports Medicine / Functional Health

Athlete. Worker. Performing artist. Weekend warrior.

If any of those descriptors are you, Campbell County Health Rehabilitation Services has an athletic training program that fits your life. Rehab Services comprehensive and industry-leading sports training programs are designed to meet the physical demands of everything you do—personally and professionally.

Athletic and wellness programs are developed to help athletes of all performance levels with the following:

  • Decrease pain
  • Improve performance
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Prevent injuries
  • Restore function

Aquatic therapy available at CCH Rehabilitation Services

Gillette’s only therapeutic pool, located in Campbell County Health’s Stocktrail Building at 508 Stocktrail Avenue, is a great way to participate in low-impact exercise that includes cardio and resistance conditioning. The certified trainers at Campbell County Health Rehabilitation Services help you work through modifications and find alternatives to keep you active and moving. The parking is convenient, the locker room is calm and water is warm—our pool room is a balmy 90 degrees. Check out Rehabilitation Services’ exercise oasis this winter. Classes offered four days a week; $50 for 10 sessions. Call CCH Rehabilitation Services at 307-688-8000 to learn more. Visit


Concussion Treatment

  • Services offered include:
  • Comprehensive Neurologic examination
  • Physical Therapy for balance and equilibrium, gait training, vision and eye tracking, coordination and strength, and neuromuscular rehabilitation and reeducation of movement
  • Exercises to develop strength, endurance, range of motion, or flexibility

Sessions are held at Rehab Services in the Stocktrail Building in Gillette, Wyoming-on the corner of Sixth Street and Stocktrail Avenue. Please call 307-688-8000.

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Find Rehabilitation Services at:
Location: 508 Stocktrail Avenue, Upper Level, Gillette, Wyoming 82716 -- corner of Sixth and Stocktrail in the Stocktrail Building
Phone: 307-688-8000

Open Monday-Thursday 7 am-5 pm; Friday 7 am-3 pm

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