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CCH Kudos January 2017

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer

Campbell County Health is proud of its employees, and we want the CCH family and the Campbell County community to know about the good work that they do for this organization.

Congratulations to Jennifer Thomas, MD, who was named the Chief of Medical Staff for 2017

New Chief of Medical Staff

Congratulations to Jennifer Thomas, MD, who was named the Chief of Medical Staff for 2017. Dr. Thomas is excited to work with so many outstanding physicians, bridging the clinical needs and concerns of the physicians with the complexities of running a complicated health care system.

Ten Who Made a Difference

Congratulations to Jonni Belden, RN, The Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center Administrator, for being named to the Gillette News Record Ten Who Made a Difference in 2016. Jonni was named for her work in the transition from Pioneer Manor to the new Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center. Read the article on the GNR website.

Congratulations to the CCH 2016 Legends!

Legends are people who have left an indelible impression on our minds because of their deeds and actions. Ongoing demonstration of hard work, compassion, and a reputation for greatness make someone a legend.

  1. Tanya Allee, RD, LD, Wellness
  2. Mary Barks, Patient Experience
  3. Jonni Belden, RN, The Legacy
  4. Denny Bohne, Paramedic, EMS
  5. Sue Howard, RN, Prof. Development Retired
  6. Deb Lubkeman, RN, ONS, Heptner Cancer Center
  7. Deb McMurtrey, RN, CMSRN, Med/Surg
  8. Jody Nestor, COHC, Wellness
  9. Delora Schmidt, RN, House Supervisor
  10. Lynn Todd, MLS (ASCP)Laboratory

Click here to see all the 2016 legends!

CCH Retirees

These employees retired from CCH during the past year:

  1. Ken George, Pharmacy, 35 years
  2. Dave Hind, Biomed, 30 years (works on call as needed)
  3. Sue Howard, Professional Development, 40 years
  4. Larry Lempka, Radiology, 38 years
  5. Kathy McCoy, Materials Management, 25 years
  6. Julie Norlin, Infection Prevention, 25 years
  7. Sandra Porter, Nursing, 33 yeas
  8. Pat Tschetter, House Supervisor, 29 years
  9. Gerve Wolbert, Long term care transportation, 15 years (works on call as needed)

Service Award Winners

Congratulations to these service award winners for their contributions to Campbell County Health.

5 Years of Service

  • Roy Buchanan, Rehabilitation Services
  • Whitney Fevold, CCMG Cardiology
  • Sara Foss, CCMG Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
  • Sally Suchor, CCMG Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
  • Kari Pownall, Childcare
  • Patricia Tubbs, Childcare
  • Samantha Lang, Emergency Department
  • Tara Trottier, Emergency Department
  • Stephanie Larsen, Environmental Services
  • Wayne Noblett, Environmental Services
  • Peggy Ramirez, Environmental Services
  • Thomas Galvin, BHS
  • Janice Neumann, BHS
  • Joanie Rodgers, Patient Accounting
  • Mike Pond, Plant Ops
  • Mikelle Hallock, Dialysis
  • Jeff Halstead, EMS
  • Shane Kirsch, EMS
  • Sam Shafer, EMS
  • Katie Brannam, ICU
  • Karen Wineteer, ICU
  • Teidra Arbach, IS
  • Paul Thomson, IS
  • Dr. Bernadette Meade, CCMG Geriatric Medicine
  • Berina Bear,Lab
  • Kimberly Harrison, Lab
  • Pam Stevick, Laundry
  • Jackie Clary, The Legacy
  • Kami Kearns, The Legacy
  • McKayla Miller, the Legacy
  • Steven Clark, Plant Ops, The Legacy
  • Connie Cornella, Med/Surg
  • Anne Monahan, Med/Surg
  • Lindsay Novotny, Med/Surg
  • Rachael Rizor, Med/Surg
  • Dr. Romer Mosquera CCMG Neurology
  • Nancy Martinez, Nutrition
  • Ryan Garman, Rehab Services
  • Peggy Bacca, Heptner Cancer Center
  • Stacey Hastreiter, NP, Cancer Center
  • Jody Adams, Patient Access
  • Melissa Lacy, Patient Access
  • Angela Murphy, Pharmacy
  • Channa Medrano, Rehab Services
  • Kayla Hoffman, BHS
  • Sarah Smith, BHS
  • Kayla Anderson, Cancer Center
  • Alissa McGrath, Radiology
  • Karissa Viergets, Recruitment
  • Kathy Bishop, CCMG Walk-in Clinic
  • Carrie Felton, CCMG Walk-in Clinic
  • Melissa Snively, CCMG Walk-in Clinic
  • Malerie Bock, Wright Clinic

10 Years of Service

  • Mary Christopherson, CCMG Audiology
  • Miranda Erisman, CCMG Cardiology
  • Juli Matthews, Childcare
  • Serena Simmons, Childcare
  • Brenda Turnquist, Childcare
  • Rachelle Gingerich, Emergency Department
  • Ann VanderVoort, Emergency Department
  • Francy Russell, HMR
  • Dr. Robert Neuwirth, Hospitalist, CCMG Nephrology & Complex Medicine
  • Nicole Damian, Maternal Child
  • Tara Rehard, Maternal Child
  • Vicki Sarver, Maternal Child
  • Kristine Schiller, Maternal Child
  • David Hansen, Plant Ops
  • Mary Brunner, ICU
  • Rose Hance, Lab
  • June Dixon, The Legacy
  • Joan Kramer, The Legacy
  • Meri Tanz, The Legacy
  • Michelle Klemola, Materials Mgmt.
  • Jeanette Tollefsrud, Materials Mgmt.
  • Stacy Hansen, Med/Surg
  • Amy Hawk, Med/Surg
  • Angie Maffei, Med/Surg
  • Sarah Keith, Nutrition
  • Patricia Martin, Nutrition
  • John Moss, Nutrition
  • Jody Nestor, Wellness
  • Angie Laakso, Rehab Services
  • DeEtte Eby, Cancer Center
  • Cassandra Staschel, Cancer Center
  • John Fitch, Human Resources
  • Tisha Foster Carlson, Rehab Services
  • Lisa Haugen, Rehab Services
  • Kim Phillips, Rehab Services
  • Rebecca Mader, BHS
  • Mariah Alger, Radiology
  • Katie Gifford, Radiology
  • Robyn Laughlin, Sleep Center
  • Jessica Huckins, Surgery
  • Julae Peterson, Surgery
  • Josie Apodaca, Radiology
  • Christy Walter, Radiology
  • Missy Templeton, Rehab Services
  • Heather Whitt, The Legacy
  • Gerve Wolbert Jr., The Legacy
  • Shawn Baker, Medical Records
  • Pat Brewer, Patient Accounting
  • Tammy Tow, Dialysis
  • Peggy Green, Home Health & Hospice
  • Jennifer Miller, Home Health & Hospice
  • Crystal Peterson, ICU
  • Emily Villmow, ICU
  • Tanya Arbach, Information Systems
  • Karen Austin, Lab
  • Julia Regan, Lab
  • Peggy Sue Cervantes, The Legacy
  • Gabrielle Goostree, Med/Surg

15 Years of Service

  • Heidi Gillette, Nutrition
  • Christina Dierking, Nutrition
  • Donna McMahill, Cancer Center
  • Mindy Brincefield, Rehabilitation Services
  • Shawna Hupke-Likness, Rehabilitation Services
  • Leigh Worsley, Heptner Cancer Center
  • Vicki Stethem, Surgery

20 Years of Service

  • Lana Webb, Environmental Services
  • Joann Biesheuvel, Medical Records
  • Kim Johnson, Medical Records
  • Georgia Morris, Maternal Child
  • Sterling Albers, EMS
  • Merna Lepine, ICU
  • Shawn Salmon, The Legacy
  • Lillian Sullivan, Pathology
  • Tia Knapp, Radiology

25 Years of Service

  • Veronica Taylor, Infection Prevention
  • Sandy Rokusek, Maternal Child
  • Sherry Bailey, ICU
  • Karen Happs, Nutrition, The Legacy
  • Ava Johnson, Nutrition
  • Kristi Wilde, Rehabilitation Services
  • Connie Friedly, Radiology

30 Years of Service

  • Dave Hind, Biomed
  • Carolyn Cole, Childcare
  • Joanne Bunney, Medical Records
  • Hank Regan, Plant Ops
  • Deb McMurtrey, Medical / Surgical Unit
  • Suzanne Johnsrud, Nursing Admin
  • Carol Aberle, Human Resources

35 Years of Service

  • Mary Swirzcki, Maternal Child
  • Scotty Rockafellow, Plant Operations
  • Sue Ullrich, Quality and Risk Management
  • Julie Shock, Cardiopulmonary Services
  • Lynn Todd, Lab
  • Joann Bachmann, Rehabilitation Services
  • Terri Kinney, Radiology
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