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CCH Legend drawn to prevention work from a passion to help others

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer

CCH Legend Tanya Allee WellnessShe is an Outstanding Healthcare Provider (as awarded by the Campbell County Healthcare Foundation), a coach of sports and health, a mentor to many of her colleagues at Campbell County Health Wellness, a passionate prevention expert, and so much more. And today, we’re proud to announce that she—Tanya Allee, RD, LD—is a CCH Legend.

For those who don't know, CCH defined a Legend as, “those people who have left a permanent impression on our minds because of their deeds and actions. Ongoing demonstration of hard work, compassion, and a reputation for greatness make someone a legend.”Born and raised in Gillette, Wyoming, Tanya went to college at the University of Northern Colorado and earned her bachelor’s degree in Dietetics; she later became a Registered Dietitian with Penrose St. Francis. She said she decided on a career in healthcare because she has always had a desire to help people.

Tanya spent seven years in several Colorado communities before she decided it was time to return home to Gillette to be closer to family. She also felt that Campbell County had a lot more to offer her family than where she was living.

Thirteen years ago, Tanya took a job at CCH in Wellness, and she hasn’t looked back. And we’d say she found quite a niche in her role at Wellness as she not only helps people, she helps people feel better, live better and have a higher quality of life.

Tanya and family outsideCCH’s Wellness Department works to reduce health risks and promote overall wellness among employee groups and individuals across the northeastern Wyoming region. More than 20 organizations use Wellness for their Corporate Wellness Program, which helped companies and their employees prevent illness, decrease medical dollars spent, as well as increase employee morale and productivity. The department also offers a screening program that is targeted at individuals, and makes it easy and affordable for all residents to have their blood checked, or get other health screenings, on a regular basis. A program we are very fortunate to have here in Gillette.

“In Wellness, we focus on the preventative side of things,” says Tanya. “Essentially, we want to make a healthy community.”

Tanya says that she believes excellence every day is lifting others up and giving them the motivation, encouragement and accountability to follow through with the goals they set forth, which is why she is so passionate about prevention work. “I genuinely believe people can make changes, better their health and improve their lives. And when they know that someone believes in them, it is much easier to believe in themselves.”

Many of the staff at Wellness will tell you that Tanya is their mentor. In her nomination form, completed by Wellness employees Jessica Arland and Jessica Niziolek, it reads that Tanya “is a continual caregiver to each client, patient, and employee. Her priorities are clear: each patient’s experience and satisfaction is a top priority, and every Wellness employee is to be as compassionate and respectful as they can be.”

“Tanya is by far a true Legend and an amazing role model,” says colleague Theresa Kautz, who has worked with Tanya in Wellness for the last six years. “She has helped shape the Wellness department from a staff of four with limited screenings to a staff of nearly 20 with more than 20 screenings and numerous other programs—and she continues to look toward the future. I have no doubt that Tanya will continue to not only impact the lives of her patients for years to come but have a huge impact on the health of our community.”

Theresa went on to say that there have been countless occasions when Tanya has come in early or stayed late to coach patients. “Every single one of her clients would say she has helped them to become healthier,” she says.

Another Wellness colleague, Rachel Wilde, who has known Tanya for nearly five years, agrees with Theresa. “Every patient Tanya health coaches walks away feeling energized and better able to tackle their challenges. She truly loves what she does and because of this Wellness can better serve our clients and our community,” she says.

Rachel went on to say that she finds it very rewarding when clients let her know that the screenings available to them at Wellness helped find cancer, lung problems or other health issues—potentially saving lives. “In my opinion, Tanya’s vision for the Wellness department has helped this happen, and has shaped what we do as a team,” she said. “It’s nice to see someone be a leader because they want good things for themselves and others too!”

Tanya has also found time to be a part of other prevention focused groups in the community—most notably suicide prevention.

“My passion for prevention, along with my own personal losses to suicide, spurred me to do whatever I can in the community to increase awareness of suicide. We can’t fix what we don't acknowledge, so I feel it is very important to share information, talk about the subject and offer support and resources on as many levels as possible,” she says.

Tanya serves on the Campbell County Suicide Prevention Coalition as well as the Collective Impact Suicide Prevention Coalition. She is also a co-facilitator of Survivors of Suicide Loss, a support group that helps those who have lost a loved one to suicide work through the complicated grief process.

Despite a hectic work schedule, she makes sure to find time for what matters most: her family. As a former high school and college athlete, Tanya now takes the court or field as a coach to her children and their teammates. Much like her health coaching, she finds this endeavor rewarding because she gets to be a part of initiating growth and change brought on by hard work and determination.

Tanya and her husband, Mark, have four children between the ages of 10 and 16. When she’s not coaching her children, they are likely being active with sports or some kind of an outdoor activity. Tanya also enjoys competing in half marathons, triathlons or other sporting events.

“We are a very active family who likes to be outside and moving,” she says.

When asked what receiving the Legend Award means to her, she said, “I feel blessed every day to be surrounded by the Wellness team and all the people that I have the privilege to work beside. I am humbled daily by the support, encouragement and general appreciation that I receive from co-workers, clients and CCH.”

Congratulations, Tanya. CCH is excited to what the future holds for CCH Wellness!

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