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There Is No "I" in Team, Or Is There?

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  • Written By: Rachel Wilde, CPT, MA
There Is No "I" in Team, Or Is There?

What is the value of a team? Some may say it depends on the sport. There are many factors:

  • How big is the playing field?
  • How do you score or defend?
  • How many positions are played?

Let’s take football and use it as our example, since it’s nearly time for the Superbowl. If a team is short a kicker, there is no way to make a field goal. Every opportunity to score a field goal for three points or the extra point after a touchdown would be lost. If the team is missing linemen, they won’t have enough able bodies to successfully protect the quarterback, running backs or receivers. Without a running back or a receiver, the quarterback has no one to throw to, or to run with the ball for the touchdown. And without a quarterback, there is no game. It’s worth pointing out: this is only the offense. There is another half of the team, the defense, who is also vital to the game!

It’s obvious to me that each player in football has a crucial role in the success of their team. Now play along with me and translate that to your health and wellbeing.

Each and every one of my clients wants to be healthy, feel well and look great. Without a team, this goal can become very difficult for them to achieve.

I believe each of us is our own quarterback. We call the shots and decide the play action. We are the ones who earn the first down and have to live with penalties. Just as in football, we can’t win the game by ourselves. We need professionals to cover our blind side, run the zone defense, make the interception, catch the “hail Mary” and carry us to the end zone. Do you have your linemen, receivers and kickers all lined up? Are you scouting ahead and do you know who your next draft picks will be?

Whether you live with a health condition such as diabetes or asthma, or are simply working to maintain your health status, it’s important to have a complete team to help you successfully manage your health. Each adult should have a primary care physician they can consult for an annual check-up, and refer to a specialist when needed. Regular visits with the dentist and eye doctor are also vital to our general health and can assist in the early detection of serious health conditions. For those with a chronic or acute health condition, their team needs to expand beyond basic care to meet their medical and emotional needs. You can find a list of doctors in Gillette, Wyoming at

If you need help building your health team, remember that Campbell County Health’s Health Coaches are great cheerleaders. We can help you kick off a new season, tackle smart strategies in your playbook and take back your game.

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This blog was written by Rachel Wilde, CPT, MA, CCH Wellness Services Technician and Phlebotomist

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