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Meet Val Amstadt, PA, the July 2017 CCH Provider of the Month

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Meet Val Amstadt, PA, the July 2017 CCH Provider of the Month

Our providers are experts... and great people too!

Val Amstadt and familyMeet Val Amstadt, Physician Assistant (PA), the July 2017 CCH Provider of the Month.

Val joined the medical staff as a physician assistant (PA) in 2014 to provide care at the Campbell County Medical Group Pediatrics, a primary care clinic developed in a unique partnership between Campbell County Health and Campbell County School District and located in a former elementary school building.

A native of Wisconsin, Val did her undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse and completed a Master of Science degree and Physician Assistant program at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL. Though she was always a good student with an interest in science, Val initially thought about becoming a teacher until a close friend developed a serious medical condition. Val got to know the PA who was treating her friend and found him to be a very caring person and a good practitioner—she wanted to emulate him.

Before coming to Gillette Val worked the overnight shift at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in the pediatric emergency department. She practiced with physicians, advanced practice providers and medical residents and often exercised autonomy in decisions regarding patient care in a fast paced environment with many different medical challenges. She believes this was good preparation for her position at the Kid Clinic, where she is the sole medical practitioner.

Val is grateful for the support of Dr. Dave Fall, her medical director and supervising physician, who is available for consultation when needed. While living in Wisconsin, Val and her husband Bob talked about moving west, at least temporarily. Bob had lived in Montana for a few months, and the wide open spaces and opportunities for hunting and other outdoor activities appealed to them. A lifestyle change was a factor too, since Val and Bob worked completely opposite hours and they wanted to start a family.

Thank you Val, for providing our patients with excellent care.

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