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CEO Update Summer 2017

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  • Written By: Andy Fitzgerald, CEO
CEO Update Summer 2017

As you’ve likely heard, Campbell County Health was recently named a Top 20 Rural Community Hospital in 2017 by the National Rural Health Association. Being recognized on a national level validates the extraordinary skills of our staff and physicians, and is a sign that our efforts to provide excellence every day is something that’s becoming well engrained in all that we do. This award came on the coat tails of receiving an “A” grade for hospital safety from Leapfrog. These awards demonstrate our hard work in recent years to improve quality and care.

Another aspect of delivering high quality care is creating an efficient, well-designed facility that supports the safety, wellness and healing process of our patients. To that end, we will soon begin a thorough remodel of our patient care rooms.

If you’ve stayed with us for medical surgical, ICU or OB care, you likely know why this remodel is terribly needed. The current rooms were not built with the needs of today’s care practices in mind. They are small, awkward, and limited when it comes to accommodating equipment, providers and families. The new patient rooms will create a functionally effective work space and flow, and will serve us well for the next 40 to 50 years.

Besides bringing our patient care rooms into the modern era, the remodel also accommodates the demands of our expanding services. We’ve grown our cardiology services and cath lab extensively in recent years, which has increased our need for more and better equipped intensive care rooms. In addition, our surgery team—both general and orthopedic—are doing more surgeries than ever. With the new model, our med/surg rooms will flow into the ICU so we can take care of patients in a much more continuous way. Finally, the new rooms will fundamentally change how we deliver OB care as we are creating LDRP rooms where moms can labor, deliver, recover and receive postpartum care all in the same room, with her family nearby.

As we progress on the remodel, we will also be working on finding highly qualified staff. We’ve implemented new workforce development, recruitment, retention and engagement efforts so that when the project is complete in three years, we’ll be ready.


Andy Fitzgerald, CEO

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