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Back Pain That Should Concern You

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Back Pain That Should Concern You

A stiff back or daily aches and pains can be something that we often push aside, but they can actually be a sign that something worse is occurring.

Ignoring your back pain, letting it linger or just going through the motions can cause more damage than you think. Also, sometimes it’s more than just an ache. Here’s when to never ignore your back pain:

Back Pain Accompanied With Fever

Though it’s rare, if consistent back pain is suddenly accompanied by a fever, it could be a sign of infection. A variety of issues could cause a fever, but these two symptoms shouldn’t be brushed aside.

Radiating Leg Pain

If your back pain doesn't stop there and is radiating down your spine along with any form of tingling, numbness or weakness, there is something more going on with your nerves. From bone spurs to disc herniation, most of these conditions can be managed to help you have less pain and more mobility in your day-to-day life.

Back Pain After An Accident

Whether you were in a work or car accident, back pain after trauma should always be evaluated. Though symptoms might not occur until later on, getting a check up on your body can help you take the proper steps to ensure any damage done by the accident is well documented.

Lingering Back Pain

If the pain is spreading, worsening, or beginning to take over your daily life, avoiding treatment is not the way to go. There are several ways to protect your muscles and joints, and many therapy plans to consider, but pain that lingers is a big sign that damage could occur and that issue should be addressed.

Patients suffering from most types of back pain are typically referred to physical therapy before considering orthopedic back surgery.

If you are living life with constant back pain, Wyoming Orthopedics & Spine (WYOS) is here to help in Gillette, Wyoming. We can evaluate your options, so you can rest assure that you get the best possible outcome and are back to your daily routine in no time.

To enjoy an active and healthy life at any age, call WYOS at 307.686.1413 or visit to learn more.

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