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Can dehydration cause joint pain

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Can dehydration cause joint pain

How Dehydration Affects Your Joints

Most of us are familiar with the common signs of dehydration—excessive thirst, muscle cramps, and lightheadedness to name a few. But what about the less common effects? When your body loses an excessive amount of fluid, your whole body can see side effects, one area being your joints. So if you have an issue keeping your H20 levels up and are suffering from joint pain, here’s what you should know:

Degeneration Can Occur

One of the main sources for discomfort in your joints is lack of cushioning at the ends of your bones. Because a majority of your cartilage is water, it is essential for you to keep the proper amounts of water in your body to help them to function properly. Without adequate hydration, your cartilage cannot protect your bones from rubbing against each other, ultimately causing damage.

Better Joint Function

Your joints are the point in which two bones come together. When properly hydrated, it moves more freely and more easily than it does why died out and dehydrated. With proper water intake, your blood volume increases and synovial fluid production is stimulated, which keeps your joints lubricated and supplied with nutrient-rich blood. Overall, your circulation can improve, reducing your risk for injury and speeding up your recovery time if you happen to sustain one.

Though drinking water will not cure your joint pain or arthritis, it can help ease symptoms and improve your overall health.

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