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Top ways to celebrate Men's Health Week

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer

One of the critical ways to prioritize wellness is by being proactive about your health. Between work and family life, it can be easy to avoid the doctor until it’s a necessity. In honor of Men’s Health Week, we want to encourage you to be more diligent about your health, and celebrate with these tips.

Take Care of Reoccurring Pains
A long hard day of work can bring about some aches and pains, but there are certain types of pain you should never push aside. If you experience constant abdominal pain or chest pains that last longer than a day or so, you’ll want to get yourself looked at.

Though mild abdominal pain could subside with diet changes, there is a chance it could be something a bit more severe. Visiting your doctor or local urgent care or walk-in clinic can give you the peace of mind that your constant pains aren’t something more.

Get Your Physicals
The easiest way to keep your health a top priority is to follow up on regular checkups and well visits. It’s quite common to assume that seeing a doctor is only necessary when you’re sick, but this mentality is what can lead to illness and poor health. With regular physicals, you can begin to track your health and understand the warning signs of some more significant issues.

Practice Prevention
Ultimately, prevention is easier (and less expensive) than treatment. Ignoring a sprain or strain will lead to further issues and pain. Remember, as you age, your health services will change, and routine cancer prevention and testing might become more vital. By building a relationship with your doctor and being proactive about your health, you’ll be able to spot sudden changes early on, allowing you to be more proactive about your overall wellness.

If something does occur such as a work injury, abdominal pain or possible dental infection, and you can’t get in to see your doctor or dentist, visit The Campbell County Medical Group Walk-in Clinic in Gillette, Wyoming.

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