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Health and Wellness Screenings

Walk-in appointments & online scheduling now available!

Receive routine blood draws and health and wellness screenings without a doctor's order in Gillette, Wyoming.

You don't have to wait for a health fair to get bloodwork! Campbell County Health's low cost, walk-in blood draw program makes it easy and affordable for residents to have their blood checked, or get other routine health screenings, on a regular basis. When you use the My Health Home patient portal, you have access to your test results in less than 24 hours, unless otherwise noted. Patient records can be mailed to you for no fee; details available at the office.


You can schedule your appointment online at the Fourth Street Building. Schedule online here

Schedule Your Blood Draw Appointment

For Annual Wellness Screening Appointments with your company, call Occupational Health at 307-688-8378.


  • Open Monday-Thursday, 6 am-1 pm; Friday, 6 am-12 pm
  • Location: Fourth Street Building, 1405 West Fourth Street (two blocks west of Campbell County Memorial Hospital). Call 307.688.8051; messages answered after 12 pm Monday-Friday.
  • Screenings are also available at the Wright Clinic, Monday-Friday, 8-11 am. Call 307.464.0413. Online appointments are not available at this location.

Screenings Available

  1. Wellness Panel, $40: A total of 24 tests that measure cholesterol, glucose, thyroid, iron, electrolytes, minerals, uric acid, triglycerides, liver function, and kidney function.
  2. Biometric Screening, $80: Includes Wellness Panel and CBC. Measures height, weight, body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure.
  3. CBC (complete blood count), $25: Different types of blood cells are counted and examined to present a general picture of overall health and the person's ability to fight infection and disease.
  4. PSA (prostate specific antigen), $30: Measures a protein produced by the male prostate gland and recommended by the American Cancer Society for men over age 50, or those with a family history of prostate cancer.
  5. Hemoglobin A1C, $30: Also called Glycohemoglobin. Reflects average blood sugar levels over a two-three month period.
  6. Vitamin D, $40: Indicates possible deficiencies. Fat soluble vitamin that helps control calcium and phosphate levels in the body, critical for growth of bones and teeth.
  7. Vitamin B12, $35: Indicates possible deficiencies, anemias, and malnutrition or malabsorption.
  8. HIV+, $30: Indicates presence of HIV infection.
  9. iFOBT (Fecal Occult Blood Test), $25: A sample of stool tested for hidden blood indicating colon disorders including colon cancer. A return envelope is provided to return to the CCMH Laboratory.
  10. Estradiol, $40: Estradiol levels are used in evaluating ovarian function.
  11. FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), $40: Often used in conjunction with other tests in the work-up of infertility or when a women’s menstrual cycle has stopped or become irregular.
  12. Progesterone, $40: Helps track ovulation, used in conjunction with other tests in the work-up of infertility and supports gestation.
  13. Testosterone, $40: In conjunction with other tests, testosterone is often used in the work-up of a variety of conditions in men, women, boys and girls.
  14. Hepatitis C Antibody+*, $50: Indicates the presence of a Hepatitis C virus infection.
  15. Thyroid Antibodies (Thyroid Peroxidase & Thyroglobulin)+, $40: Measurement of antibodies that assists in the diagnosis and management of a variety of thyroid disorders.
  16. Thyroid Function Panel, $40: Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), Free T4 & Free T3 levels indicating possible hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.
  17. Ferritin, $35: a reflection of the total amount of iron stored in the body.
  18. COVID-19 Antibody Testing, $75: may help identify if you were exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19, and if so, whether or not your body has developed antibodies.
  19. C-reactive protein, $25: A biomarker of inflammation. Serum CRP concentrations increase rapidly in response to tissue injury or inflammation.

+ Results will be available in seven days.
* Positive results are required to be reported to the Wyoming Department of Health.

Need help understanding your results?

Find general explanations of the screening tests and results at your leisure. Learn more

Click here for help to understand lab results

What to do before the screening

  • Fast for 10-12 hours prior to having the Wellness Panel screening
  • Drink plenty of water 24 hours prior to your screening
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • No strenuous exercise 10 hours prior to your screening
  • Do not attend if you have severe cold or flu symptoms
  • If possible, wear clothes with loose fitting sleeves
  • If you are diabetic, schedule an early appointment

Important Tips

  • All tests conducted are for screening purposes only and do not replace routine medical care.
  • If the physician orders tests for the patient that are not listed below, the patient should visit the CCMH Laboratory.
  • Payment by cash, check or credit card is required at the time of service.
  • CCH will not file with your insurance company. Health insurance may or may not reimburse for these screenings.
  • It is your responsibility to send results to your healthcare provider.

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