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Common work-related injuries and how to avoid them

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Common work-related injuries and how to avoid them

Whether you are working out on a job site or sitting all day behind a computer, the 40 or more hours a week you are at work can have a long-lasting impact on your body.

From your hands, shoulders, knees and possibly your toes, here’s how your day-to-day could be causing you some unwanted pain.

The Effects of Prolonged Sitting

The biggest issue with sitting behind a computer at a desk all day is the hunched over posture that often comes with it. After several hours of sitting, gravity and fatigue take over, putting pressure on your spine and causing most people to slouch. This can then lead to shoulder pain, back pain, shoulder spurs, and disc issues.

The best way to ensure you don’t feel the long-lasting effects of your desk job is to make sure you are getting up and walking often. Instead of sending an email to someone nearby, get up and give them a memo. Park farther away each day and take quick walks often to ensure you are releasing pressure from your spine.

The Effects of Standing All Day

On the other side of things, standing all day is also hard on your body. Prolonged standing can lead to leg cramps, back pain, and severe muscle fatigue. The best way to prevent any further damage is to pay attention to your body and change positions if needed. Don’t slouch and pay attention to how you are balancing your weight.

Improper Lifting

If you are in a manual job, you might find yourself doing a lot of heavy lifting every day, but the key to doing it with ease is through proper lifting techniques. Remember to always hold the item close to your body and never twist while lifting. Don’t ever attempt to lift anything too heavy on your own and rest when needed.

Listen To Your Body

No matter what your profession is, your primary goal is always to ensure you’re listening to your body. Don’t push yourself past the point of exhaustion, and keep moving and changing positions to avoid an unnecessary injury.

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