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Tips for having a healthy Halloween

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Tips for having a healthy Halloween

How to Have a Happy, Healthy Halloween

With the spooky season in full swing and Halloween nipping at our heels, parents may find themselves wondering how they can make this sugar-fueled holiday healthier for their little ones.

To ensure the night ends right, and without a stomach ache, consider these tips to make your Halloween a healthy one:

Fill Up Beforehand

It’s easy for parents to rush around before the trick-or-treating and leave dinner until the last minute, but doing so can lead to a dinner full of chocolate and sweets. Instead, preplan dinner before you go out for a walk, so your child is full and less tempted to indulge.

Healthy Party Snacks

Halloween isn’t just about the candy, so why not prepare some spooky snacks at home that satisfy your child’s festive spirit without the sugar-rush? By offering some healthier options, your child will be less likely to dip into their candy bag for seconds.

Some healthy Halloween recipes to try include:

Get up and Get Moving

While trick-or-treating counts toward your goal of getting moving, you can take the physical activity a step further during your holiday festivities. When you get home, maybe dance around or have a contest where your family tries their best to walk like your favorite spooky characters. Finding fun and festive activities can help to get your blood pumping while you’re having fun!

Limit the Leftovers

The most accurate way to ensure that your child doesn't eat their way to a stomach ache is by letting them know that only a few pieces a day are allowed. This is an excellent opportunity to talk to them about nutrition and fueling their bodies, too. Explaining that candy is a sometimes treat and that too much can make them feel sick can teach them to be more mindful of what they are eating.

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