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New Administrator for The Legacy

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New Administrator for The Legacy

If you had asked Kate Craig, RN, five years ago if she would ever work in long-term care, you would have gotten a resounding no.

The Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center's new administrator has been a nurse for more than 16 years, with experience in public health, emergency department, cancer care and infection prevention.

Kate has always loved learning, and a homework assignment from a gerontology course she took several years ago was to interview a resident in a long-term care facility. With the help of the CCH Chaplain, Kate met a Pioneer Manor resident named Margaret and, as she puts it, fell in love with the woman. After the assignment was completed, Kate continued to visit her every week, and enjoyed the opportunity to meet other residents as well.

“It opened my eyes to what nursing homes are—treating the whole person,” said Kate. “I had already valued that aspect of public health nursing, the impact that comes from being part of a community.”

Kate worked in the CCH Infection Prevention department at Campbell County Memorial Hospital, and handled many of the issues involved in keeping the residents safe at Pioneer Manor, and then The Legacy.

“I got to see the processes that had been developed, the quality of care, and the leadership promoted by Jonni Belden, RN, throughout the facility,” said Kate. “It was an easy choice to apply for the position of Administrator when it became available.”

Kate has three goals that frame her approach to leadership in her new role.

The Legacy is a great place to live.

It is a place where residents can be who they are, it is their home. She wants residents to know that they can have an impact on their surroundings, and be supported in their choices during their final years.

The Legacy is a great place to work.

Kate believes in supporting employees to perform at the top of their abilities through teamwork and safe practices. Even when an employee leaves The Legacy, Kate wants them to take skills with them that can propel them forward professionally.

The Legacy possesses the financial stewardship for success in goals #1 and #2.

For Kate, this means looking at how resources are used with greater ingenuity to provide residents with the richest environment possible.

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