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2019 Employee Recognition

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
2019 Employee Recognition

Please join us in giving these Campbell County Health providers and employees a round of applause for being a part of our team in Campbell County, Wyoming.

Congratulations to CCH’s 2019 Legends!
Legends are people who have left an indelible impression on our minds because of their deeds and actions. Ongoing demonstration of hard work, compassion, and a reputation for greatness make someone a legend.

  • Ava Johnson, Nutrition Services
  • Bill Rice, Director of Walk-in Clinic, Wright Clinic, Occupational Health
  • Leigh Worsley, Heptner Cancer Center Director

Service Award Winners

Congratulations to these service award winners for their contributions to Campbell County Health.

5 years of service

  • Hollie Alexander, Home Health and Hospice
  • Regina Badwound, EVS, The Legacy
  • Maria Baker, EVS, CCMH
  • Paulette Bell, Emergency department
  • Pamela Benson, Patient Access
  • Sandra Breier, Maternal Child
  • Jessica Brown, CCMG Family Medicine
  • Melissa Cady, Home Medical Resources
  • Shawna Cochran, EMS
  • Brittani Dvorak, Radiology
  • Janet Ellison, EVS, CCMH
  • Brooklyn Fenstermacher, Surgery
  • Mary Fitzgerald, Central Sterile
  • Terry Forgar, Childcare
  • Derek Friedlan, Home Health and Hospice
  • Mayra Garcia, Med/Surg
  • Tamara Gossel, The Legacy
  • Tera Hammond, CCMG Cardiology
  • Heather Hampton, Surgery
  • Jordan Hanson, CCMG Wright Clinic
  • Cynthia Harnish, The Legacy
  • Gina Hodgins, The Legacy
  • Bridget Hohnholt, Administration
  • Nancy Holmquist, Revenue Cycle
  • Stephanie Holwell, Patient Access
  • Haley Idler, CCMG Cardiology
  • Dr. Stanford Israelsen, WYOS
  • Wendy Kaufman, Home Health and Hospice
  • Leslea King, Med/Surgy
  • Geraghty Kirsch, Emergency department
  • Christina Kitchel, EVS, The Legacy
  • April Kuntz, Laundry
  • Greg La Rue, IT
  • Kimberly Lambert, CCMG Cardiology
  • Jacqueline Land, The Legacy
  • Jordan Lawler The Legacy
  • Bud Lawrence, Quality Management
  • Genna Leary, Surgery
  • Marla Leat, Respiratory Therapy
  • Michelle Luhr, Home Health and Hospice
  • Maegan Mahylis, CCMH Internal Medicine
  • Amy Masteller, Surgery
  • Kayla McDougall, The Legacy
  • Julie McLaughlin, IT
  • Callie Millard, Nutrition Services
  • Candace Nelson, The Legacy
  • Chad Oelke, Emergency department
  • Alexander Pauley, CCMG Cardiology
  • Ryan Reeves, CCMG Cardiology
  • Caitlin Riggs, Infection Prevention
  • James Sanchez, Wellness
  • Jacob Scharp, IT
  • Dr. Sairav Shah, CCMG Cardiology
  • Dr. Nicholas Stamato, CCMG Cardiology
  • Emily Stauffer, EMS
  • Claudia Steiner, PFS
  • Suzanne Struebing, Nutrition Services
  • Landon Suchor, EMS
  • Angie Taylor, Administration
  • Amanda Terrill, Medical Records
  • Wayce Waller, EMS
  • ShyAnne Wigger, Surgery
  • Jodie Williamsen, Home Health and Hospice
  • Elizabeth Wood, Emergency department
  • Danielle Wood, Professional Development

10 years of service

  • Jennifer Betts, BHS
  • Sandra Cross, Medical Records
  • Ashley Fraser, Home Health and Hospice
  • Mary Gapinski, Nutrition Services
  • Melissa Gorsuch, CCMG Diabetes Education
  • Danica Graham, Pharmacy
  • Brenda Heim, CCMG Walk-in Clinic
  • Randy Hunt, Plant Ops
  • Joanne Klein, PFS
  • Cynthia Laakso, ICU/CCU
  • Kerri Lambert, Med/Surg
  • Adrienne Oliver, The Legacy
  • Kimberlie Parks, Surgery
  • Judeth Petersen, BHS
  • Krista Poole, Nutrition Services
  • Matthew Pueringer, Plant Ops
  • Karla Richards, PFS
  • Lisa Sandquist, The Legacy
  • Diana Steinlicht, The Legacy
  • Jeanne Sturdevant, Care Manager
  • Denise Tabatt, Childcare
  • Teri Turner, Childcare

15 years of service

  • Virginia Bacile, Patient Access
  • Penni Berg, Emergency department
  • Paula Broeker, CCMG Administration
  • Pamela Eastman, Nursing Administration
  • Trish Elliott, ICU/CCU
  • Andrea Greene, Central Sterile
  • Maria Kessel, Home Health and Hospice
  • Burgundy Leiker, ICU/CCU
  • Heather Luken, The Legacy
  • Kelly McArtor, Surgery
  • Jamie Mooney, Infection Prevention
  • Steven Peterson, Respiratory Therapy
  • Erin Phillips, Patient Access
  • Wanda Rice, Med/Surg
  • Richard Robertson, Pharmacy
  • Bonnie Rubesh, Accounting
  • Marcia Saunders, Med/Surg
  • Lonnie Schell, CCMG 3rd Floor clinics
  • Whitney Shawver, The Legacy
  • Leslie Suchor, Med/Surg
  • Debbie Wade, Medical Staff
  • Jacque Williams, Emergency department

20 years of service

  • Billie Beam, The Legacy
  • Elizabeth Ciravolo, The Legacy
  • Angelena Hoffmann, Nursing Administration
  • Susan Peterson, Medical Records
  • Alice Rambo, CCMG Walk-in Clinic
  • Shawna Ryman, Med/Surg

25 years of service

  • Mary Barks, The Legacy
  • Kathryn Beasley, Dialysis
  • Krista Bundy, Nutrition Services
  • Denise Igo, Radiology
  • Ed Matuska, IT

30 years of service

  • Brenda Cargal, The Legacy
  • Karen Clarke, Community Relations
  • Dean Schipansky, EVS, CCMH
  • Kelly Tryon, Cardiac Rehab

35 years of service

  • Judith Baker, Med/Surg
  • Robin Hughes, Lab
  • Donna Torres, Surgery

40 years of service

  • Michelle Halford, Cancer Center


These employees retired from CCH during the past year:

  • Susan Devish
  • Tammy Eadus
  • Anna Hull
  • Elise Necklason
  • Madonna Reece
  • Jo Anne Rempfer*
  • Vicki Stethem

*With 20 years of more of service with CCH.

Thank you to all of these stand-out employees! We are proud that you are a part of our team.

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