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High School seniors are worthy of celebration

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  • Written By: Katelyn Rosier, LCSW
High School seniors are worthy of celebration

This month, we celebrate Gillette and Wright graduating seniors! We are so proud of your accomplishment. Graduation is always a special time that creates nostalgia and excitement among fellow and soon to be grads. We hope that you are celebrating as well.

Celebration. Not something we have been inclined to, given the nation's seemingly daily changes and challenges. Celebration can seem out of place when things are tumultuous. Unfortunately, this pattern of thinking is what often perpetuates feeling of being 'less than' or 'unworthy'. However, celebration isn't just hoopla and praise. It's not lifting one up to be better than the rest... it's simply love, respect and honor. We are all human is worthy of that.

So, this month, we celebrate, honor, and acknowledge the commitment of each graduate. We recognize that although graduation is in and of itself a huge achievement, it is in reality a culmination of many many accomplishments.

They say every accomplishment starts with a decision. The decision to courageously disband habits which are not helpful, alongside the decision to adopt habits which support the goal. However the decision to try is only the beginning and is upheld by the commitment to get back up again every. Single. Time. To not be persuaded by fear, doubt, shame, or comparison, but to live in a mindset of discipline.

Abraham Lincoln defined this well: "Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most."

It is clear by your graduation here and now that you have chosen well.

No matter how great or small the goal, whether was was getting to school on time, turning in an assignment, getting a A on your project. Hear us seniors - YOU ARE WORTHY of celebration!

Take a minute and be kind to yourself. Be amazed at your accomplishments just as we are. Push out the propensity to compare. Deny shame and take ahold of the courage that exists within you in every decision.

Join us, Gillette and Wright as we celebrate and honor our grads!

Katelyn Rosier is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) at the Campbell County Medical Group Kid Clinic, a school-based pediatric clinic in Gillette, Wyoming. The medical clinic serves children ages 2 weeks to 18 years old; and counseling services for children 4 years old to 21 years old. It is located at 800 Butler Spaeth Rd., across from St. Matthew’s Catholic Church. For more information, call 307-688-8700 or visit

The Kid Clinic is a collaborative effort between Campbell County Health and Campbell County School District.

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