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Simple Steps to Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

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Simple Steps to Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Reduce Your Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 88 million American adults have prediabetes and are at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Although these numbers are shockingly high, there are adjustments you can make to your everyday behaviors to help to reverse your risk and even prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.

Get Your Daily Steps In

According to the CDC, adults should aim to get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week, which equals about 30 minutes of activity five days a week. While getting 30 minutes of exercise in your daily routine can seem like a daunting task, walking can count toward your goal! There are plenty of ways you can get extra steps in throughout your day without needing to do a full-blown workout.

Try the following tips to count toward your daily goal:

  • Remember to stand up and walk around periodically throughout your workday.
  • Make multiple trips when bringing in your groceries or taking your laundry downstairs.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator when you can.
  • Take your dog for a longer walk than usual.

Cut Out Sodas and Juices

Another easy way to help minimize your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is by cutting down on added sugars. One of the easiest ways to do this is by cutting down on soda, juices, and other sugary beverages. Rather than reaching for these sweet drinks, try replacing them with the following:

  • Water
  • Tea
  • Coffee

Quit Smoking

The CDC states that those who smoke and use tobacco products are 30-40% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than non-smokers. Once you develop type 2 diabetes and you continue to smoke, you are also more likely to have issues controlling this chronic health condition. It is recommended that you quit smoking as it can improve your health right away.

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