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Child, teen psychiatrist available at CCMH

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Child, teen psychiatrist available at CCMH

You don’t have to travel out of town, or out of the state, for a mental health care appointment for your child or teen. Behavioral Health Services has contracted with a company called Faspsych, a leader in the telepsychiatric industry to offer psychiatric care via remote audio and video format, to provide care for our youngest patients. Mary Maymana, MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, has been treating patients for some time now.

Sometimes referred to as telehealth, these sessions take place using technology to help connect the patient to the provider. Video calls are the most common medium, but these sessions can also take place over the phone. Children still attend the session in person at Campbell County Memorial Hospital. A registered nurse accompanies patients in the room during the visit.

It’s important to seek help from your child’s medical provider if they have any self-harm behaviors or if they have nightmares, anxieties, and increased anger or disruptive behaviors—it’s a safe time to seek care. To read more about when to get your child counseling, click here.

For more information on telepsychiatry services at CCMH, please call 307-688-5000.

To read how you can make the most of your child's telehealth session, check out Telehealth for Kids from the Child Mind Institute. To learn how you can help your child cope better with COVID-19, check out: Seven tips for talking with children, teens about COVID-19

CCH Behavioral Health Services provides the Northeastern Wyoming community with compassionate, confidential and comprehensive treatment and counseling of behavioral disorders, mental illness and substance abuse treatment following detox. Call 307.688.5000 for an appointment. Learn more at

For all services, clients are seen on a first come, first served basis. BHS works with each client to make visits affordable based on household income by charging on a sliding fee scale, whether you have insurance or not — proof of income is required to qualify. Many types of insurance are accepted, including Medicaid and Medicare.

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