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Thanks for Working Here This Week: Kasia Kauranen RN in ICU

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Thanks for Working Here This Week:  Kasia Kauranen RN in ICU

Meet Kasia Kauranen, Registered Nurse in ICU. Kasia has been a nurse since 2001, and has worked at CCH for about a year.

Kasia’s healthcare heroes are her fellow nurses and doctors that give their best every day.

“The best part about working in ICU are my coworkers,” says Kasia. “They have been very accepting and supportive since the beginning. A great group of people that put patients’ needs first. Awesome teamwork.”

To Kasia, Excellence Every Day means doing her personal best every day, and treating others like you would want to be treated.

Laura Castellanos, ICU and Medical Surgical Nurse Manager at CCH, had this to say, “Kasia came to us from a much larger hospital during the height of our COVID-19 surge. We were so lucky to get her! She has willingly shared her ideas from other ICU units she has worked in; about COVID-19, evidence-based research and ways to improve patient care. All the nursing staff know they can go to her with questions, and she is an especially great resource for our newer nurses.”

When she’s not working, Kasia likes reading, hiking, baking and just spending time with her family.

Thank you, Kasia, for taking great care of our patients every day at Campbell County Health. We appreciate all that you do.

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