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Dr. Leslie McLean Joins the Campbell County Medical Group Geriatric Clinic

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Dr. Leslie McLean Joins the Campbell County Medical Group Geriatric Clinic

GILLETTE, Wyo. – July 11, 2023 – Campbell County Medical Group (CCMG) is excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Leslie McLean, MD to the newly-created Geriatric Clinic located inside the Main Clinic. Dr. McLean, a highly skilled and compassionate geriatrician, brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for providing comprehensive care to individuals with complex medical illnesses.

Born and raised on a farm in Central California, just south of Fresno, Dr. McLean has always been fond of smaller communities' warmth and close-knit nature. Throughout her career, she has been able to practice medicine in various locations, most recently serving patients in Colorado Springs. Driven by the desire to live close to her daughter while embracing the welcoming atmosphere of a smaller town and continuing her meaningful work as a provider, she decided to join Campbell County Health.

Dr. McLean shared that her initial aspirations were to become a linguist. Eventually, life circumstances and experiences intervened and sparked an interest in medicine. Dr. McLean obtained her MD from the University of Colorado and completed her residency at the Shasta-Cascade Family Practice Residency Program in Redding, California. Now, as a geriatrician, she finds great fulfillment in developing meaningful relationships with her patients.

"I love the relationships I can build with patients," said Dr. McLean. "It's not just about their medical problems; it's about learning who they are as a person."

Dr. McLean emphasizes a holistic approach to patients, recognizing the importance of addressing her patients' physical and psychosocial, and spiritual well-being. She is committed to understanding each individual's unique needs and desires under her care.

"What supports do you have? What makes you laugh?" she said, highlighting her dedication to providing comprehensive care. "It's not about what I want; it's about helping the patients make their own choices."

Outside of work, Dr. McLean is an avid gardener, engaging in indoor and outdoor gardening, hydroponics, and aeroponics. She also enjoys cooking and baking with the foods she grows. Her love for knowledge also extends to her leisure time, as she always has a book she is reading.

Campbell County Medical Group is excited to welcome Dr. Leslie McLean and announce the creation of the Geriatric Clinic. Her expertise and commitment to comprehensive care are exactly the Excellence Every Day we want to provide our patients.


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