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CCMG Doctor Walks Patient Through Kidney Transplant

  • Author: Krista Scott
  • Date Submitted: Nov 15, 2017

“He cares and he listens. He’s not one of those doctors that pushes you out the door.”

Just a year ago, 29-year-old Krista Scott couldn’t hold down a job and most days she could hardly get out of bed. Suffering from a rare degenerative kidney disease since she was 9 years old, she was close to kidney failure and facing the possibility of going on dialysis.

When Dr. Robert Neuwirth, who specializes in internal medicine and nephrology, joined the team at Campbell County Medical Group in 2006, Krista was one of his earliest patients. For years, Dr. Neuwirth has been monitoring Krista’s kidney function and relaying to her the various options.

“Dr. Neuwirth just watched it really close,” Krista said. “He’s been a huge part of my life for so long. He’s always taken really good care of me.”

Three years ago, he told her it was time to get on a waiting list for a kidney transplant. And earlier this year, he said it was time for either a transplant or to go on dialysis.

“In May he said I needed to have a transplant by July or I would have to go on dialysis,” Krista said. “He let me know what to expect. He’s referred me to everyone he thought would be best.”

For Dr. Neuwirth empowering patients to control their own medical care is an important part of his job. With Krista, he educated her about her disease and together they worked hard to keep her kidneys functioning for as long as possible and make the move to a transplant at just the right time.

“I’m a big believer in patients controlling their medical issues,” Dr. Neuwirth said. “You give patients the information and allow them to make the best decision for themselves.”

For Dr. Neuwirth, it was important to educate Krista about her illness and all that she was facing. Ultimately, it would be up to her to decide how she would move forward with her treatment plan.

“She’s an educated patient who over time learned a lot about her own disease and how to treat it,” Dr. Neuwirth said. “We worked together to maintain her health.”

Fortunately for Krista, her sister was identified as a donor match. On June 30, the sisters underwent surgery at the University of Colorado Hospital. With a successful surgery behind her, Krista has since returned to Gillette. She has had an extensive follow-up schedule with Dr. Neuwirth who coordinates with University of Colorado doctors on her health care.

“He is amazing,” Krista said. “He cares and he listens. He’s not one of those doctors that pushes you out the door.”

As in Krista’s case, Dr. Neuwirth not only handled the details of her kidney problems, but also is her go-to doctor when she had a cold, flu or other illness. Dr. Neuwirth is in the process of building out his practice with the addition of by nurse practitioners Amy Hawk and Anne Jones. Both with doctorate degrees in nursing, they will work with Dr. Neuwirth to build a team approach to medicine.

“We want to develop a medical home for our patients,” Dr. Neuwirth said. “Health care is typically quite fragmented. We want to change that. It should be a continuum of care.”

For Krista, the transplant has been lifechanging. Unable to have a job before, she now has two jobs and has been able to lead a fuller life.

“I have all this energy now,” Krista said. “It was a huge blessing and I’m super thankful.”

Dr. Robert Neuwirth is an internal medicine doctor and kidney specialist at Campbell County Medical Group Nephrology and Complex Medicine. The Clinic just added two new providers, nurse practitioners Amy Hawk and Anne Jones, and is accepting new adult patients for internal medicine care. The clinic is based on a medical home model, which seeks to meet many different healthcare needs for their patients, from acute illness to routine immunizations. Call CCMG Nephrology and Complex Medicine today at 307.688.3535. The Clinic is open Monday-Friday from 8 am-5 pm, and same day appointments can be scheduled. Learn more at

Article written by Kim Phagan-Hansel, Wyoming freelance writer