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Dialysis Center

The Dialysis Center provides dialysis treatments, testing services, support and education six days per week to meet the medical, financial, and social service needs of patients using hemodialysis and their families.

Hemodialysis helps keep patients in kidney failure in reasonable health. Patients with kidney failure must remain on hemodialysis permanently, unless they switch to peritoneal dialysis or receive a kidney transplant.

Patients receive outpatient dialysis treatment three days per week in the Dialysis Center. The Campbell County Health Dialysis Center also treats inpatients who need dialysis therapy.

Dialysis staff work under the direction of a Medical Director Dr. Eric Sawyers, a Nephrologist, a doctor who specializes in kidney disease.

Now offering LDL apheresis

LDL apheresis is a medical procedure that removes LDL (so called "bad") cholesterol from the blood of patients who have a genetic condition that can't be controlled with diet, exercise or medication. A machine with special filters are used to remove the LDL cholesterol from the patient's blood and then it is returned to them, using needles that are placed in each arm. Sometimes the patient may have a shunt surgically placed in their arm for this treatment. LDL apheresis is a life-long therapy that is required every two weeks, and a typical procedure lasts about two hours.

The arrival of Dr. Thomas Repas, a specialist in treating high cholesterol with Campbell County Medical Group Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism clinic, enabled Campbell County Health (CCH) to treat patients with this specialized therapy. Apheresis treatment is performed in the CCH Dialysis unit because dialysis treatment is similar to apheresis, and staff have received training on the supplies and equipment.


Find the Dialysis Center at:
Location: Campbell County Memorial Hospital, 501 S. Burma Avenue, First Floor, Gillette, Wyoming 82716 -- Past Health and Information Services
Phone: 307-688-1981
Supervisor: Lori Hoesing, RN, CND

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