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I Learned How to Breathe With Pulmonary Rehab

  • Author: Earl Manous
  • Date Submitted: Mar 22, 2019

“I would recommend this to anyone with a breathing problem. I feel like there’s a tomorrow.”

Earl Manous was a coal miner for 37 years. And he smoked for 20 years. He wasn’t very active because shift work made it difficult to exercise regularly.

About five years ago he began have real trouble breathing when he exerted himself. Earl had heart problems, too.

Then he was diagnosed with emphysema and COPD, a progressive lung disease. He had given up on ever feeling better.

On the advice of Cardiologist Dr. Nicholas Stamato, Earl saw lung specialist Dr. Michael Nolledo, Campbell County Medical Group Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine in Gillette, Wyoming. A Pulmonologist, Dr. Nolledo recommended Pulmonary Rehabilitation, an education and treatment program for people living with COPD or chronic lung disease to help them breathe more easily, get stronger and do more in their daily lives. Classes are small and held in an encouraging, controlled environment supervised by personnel trained to handle any emergencies such as registered nurses, respiratory therapists, registered dietitians and medical social workers.

During his Pulmonary Rehab classes, Earl learned how to breathe and help calm himself when he became short of breath. He also learned how to exercise, and build up his chest muscles so his lungs could work more efficiently. He credits the Pulmonary Rehab staff for really caring about him and encouraging him to care about himself.

“This has really turned me around,” said Earl. “I would recommend this to anyone with a breathing problem. I feel like there’s a tomorrow.”

Earl is about to graduate from Pulmonary Rehab, and is looking for exercise partners when he attends the Campbell County Recreation Center.

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