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Father's Day: Long life is always better than another necktie

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  • Written By: Troy Stevens, CCMH Wellness

It is that time of year again to show our fathers they are appreciated, loved, and respected. What better gift for a dad than a reminder that you want to keep him? Rather than scouring the stores for that "perfect" gift this year, let's take some time to show dads that we want to keep them around and healthy as long as possible.

Health screening for men = "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?"

Sad but true, many dads put more effort into maintaining a lawn mower, truck, or their toys than they do their own body and health. Ask any dad and they will tell you that preventive maintenance does matter – for anything with an engine, a house, a yard, tools, etc. However, that concept seems to go right out the window when the topic turns to the dad in question. Men take great pride in how little they see a doctor each year, but they do notice that things might not be running quite right or breaking down little by little. Take some time to remind the fathers in your life to kick the tires and pop the hood once in a while on themselves.

Dads should:

  • Talk to their mechanic (doctor) at least once a year as that is where he can find the full maintenance schedule for himself.
  • Keep tabs on their components and operation: engine (heart), air intake (lungs), fluids and lines and hoses (blood and blood pressure), drivetrain (bones, muscles, joints), fuel and performance (nutrition and activity), exterior (skin, eyes, mouth), and finally the exhaust system (digestive and colon health)
  • Bottom line, if something is not running, sounding, or feeling right, call your mechanic and get into the shop (go see your doctor!)

Unlike the mowers, trucks, or toys, your dad cannot buy new parts for himself downtown and it's possible that if he waits until something breaks down it could be too late to repair. So please remind your fathers that they are no different from their lawn mower, truck, or toys and they need preventive and scheduled maintenance, too. Now, let's make sure those dads out there get in the shop and see a mechanic before an engine blows, a line bursts, the drivetrain goes out, or the exhaust system blows a hole.

And don't forget to wish them a Happy Father's Day!

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This blog was written by Troy Stevens, CCMH Wellness Specialist

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