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Screening Tests Save Lives

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When caught early, most cancers can be treated. That’s why screening tests are so important. Common screening tests include mammograms, Pap tests, prostate screens, and, of course, colonoscopies. At age 50, it’s recommended that both men and women get a baseline colonoscopy.

“Early colon cancer has very few symptoms. A colonoscopy can detect colon cancer at early, curable stages,” says Dr. Sara Hartsaw, a general surgeon in Gillette.

“Colonoscopy is an important screening test as it can identify pre-cancerous lesions prior to developing cancer. It’s both a diagnostic test and a treatment if polyps are discovered. Polyps can be removed during the endoscopy without any further surgery,” says Dr. Rodney Biggs, a general surgeon in Gillette.

General surgeons are well trained in performing colonoscopies. Dr. Biggs, Dr. Hartsaw, and Dr. Kris Canfield offer colonoscopies at CCH and other area surgery centers.

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