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A perfect 10 workout

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
A perfect 10 workout

Before starting any new exercise program, it's always a good idea to consult your doctor to discuss any medical conditions and make sure this exercise program is safe for you.

Check out this 10-minute, total-body workout that targets strength for both the upper and lower body as well as cardio. What you will Need:

  • Stairs or a sturdy chair/step stool to step up onto
  • A comfortable, clean floor or a mat
  • 1 Theraband or 2 water filled milk jugs

Do the following exercises each for 30 seconds in a circuit in order from 1-10. Do not rest between each exercise. Repeat a 2nd time for a total of 10 minutes of exercise. Be sure to warm up a bit before beginning, and stretch following your exercise. Check out the how-to pictures below, and you can click on them to find videos to also help with form.

1. Chair Squats (narrow feet)


2. Push Ups

push up

3. V-sit Hold

v hold

4. Chair Dips

chair dips

5. Cardio-set ups

step ups

6. Chair Squats (wide feet)

chair squat

7. Theraband Rows or Milk Jug Rows



8. Plank


9. Thereaband Bicep Curls or Milk Jug Bicep Curls

bicep curls

10. Step Ups

step ups

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For more tips like these, be sure to see a CCH Health Coach who can help you accomplish your goals and live your healthiest life!

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This blog was written by Rachel Wilde CPT, MA, CCH Wellness Services Technician and Phlebotomist

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