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CCH provides positive results through Corporate Wellness Program

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  • Written By: By Kim Phagan-Hansel
CCH provides positive results through Corporate Wellness Program

As a long-time employee of Campbell County Health, Myra Deobald, RN, has taken advantage of the CCH's Corporate Wellness program for many years. From annual blood work to regular meetings with a health coach, Myra has found the services offered by CCH beneficial to maintaining her health and overall physical wellness.

"I use the blood draws and health coach," Myra said. "It's a more economic way to survey my health."

myra taking brittney's blood pressure

For Myra, who works in the Campbell County Health Surgical Services department, it's also been an easy way to access services that have helped her maintain her weight even through multiple surgeries and health setbacks. Incentives offered to CCH employees participating in the Wellness Programs have been an additional bonus to continue working to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Myra said.

"If you participate, you get a bonus every year and you get a discount on your insurance," Myra said. "I wish more companies would do that for their employees. Companies would do well to encourage employees to be healthy."

Locally, several businesses are doing just that by offering employees the opportunity to participate in CCH's Corporate Wellness Program. From annual health screenings for businesses to onsite health coaches, CCH is providing a unique service to local businesses, while also helping community members maintain and improve their overall health. Some of the community businesses taking advantage of the program include Arch Coal, Campbell County Government, City of Gillette, L&H Industrial and several others.

tanya allee

"Healthy employees are productive employees," said Tanya Allee, CCH Wellness Services supervisor. "When they're working with a health coach, they can catch problems. With frequent visits and in-person contact people are much more likely to stay on task."

A health coach onsite allows employees to conveniently meet in person with someone to discuss their current health and make goals for improvement or maintenance. Meeting every few months also enables employees to set attainable goals and be accountable to someone for meeting those benchmarks.

"The health coaching is a great asset," Tanya said. "They have that one-on-one face-to-face contact. Being onsite, making it accessible for employees, they build rapport and we've seen great success."

Many other companies use CCH to provide annual wellness screenings to employees as well. Those annual screenings include an extensive blood screen that gives participants a glimpse at their overall health and the ability to catch some health issues early.

"It's much easier to fix things before it becomes a problem," Tanya said. "It's quite frequent we are able to catch a health issue early and direct them to follow up with their physician."

The CCH Corporate Wellness program can be custom tailored to meet the needs of individual companies and employees. For more information on the program, visit or call 307.688.8051.

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Article written by Kim Phagan-Hansel, Wyoming freelance writer

Photos: Myra Deobald is pictured with health coach Brittney Bunney in Wellness Services.

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