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Coaches help clients make positive changes to their health, wellbeing

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  • Written By: By Kim Phagan-Hansel
Coaches help clients make positive changes to their health, wellbeing

Brittney Russell

As a health coach at Campbell County Health Wellness Services, Brittney Bunney said she enjoys guiding people to make healthy lifestyle changes and helping them realize they can reach their health goals. For the past four years, Brittney has been meeting with clients one-on-one to set their goals and identify ways to accomplish them.

"I work with different people every day," Brittney said. "I like that I get to be a part of helping them meeting their goals. I also enjoy getting to know the people because I work with them one-on-one."

When clients first meet with Brittney, she usually goes over recent blood work results with them and discusses their overall health. Together, Brittney and her client identify some areas that need improvement and create goals that can help the client meet his or her wellness targets.

"I work with people on behavior changes," Brittney said. "I help guide them in the direction of making some changes and helping to enhance their confidence to make those changes."

As part of her training, Brittney learned about motivational interviewing which she said has helped her understand how to work closely with people and encourage them to make positive changes in their lives. Meeting with clients on a regular basis anywhere from once a week to once a month to discuss their progress, Brittney gives clients ways to tweak their lifestyle to improve their health long term.

"Being more specific helps a lot because it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start," Brittney said. "It's incredible to see the changes and progress people can make."

Whether it's choosing a side salad instead of French fries or encouraging people to fit in an activity every day, Brittney provides simple ways people can slowly start to make changes in their health habits.

2 wellness coaches

For DesaRay Brookins, having a health coach made all the difference in helping her to reach her wellness goals. Trying yo-yo diets for years, DesaRay turned to the CCH health coaches about a year ago for guidance on weight loss and leading a healthier lifestyle. So far she's down 38 pounds and continuing to work diligently to reach her goal of losing 50 pounds.

"Every time I go in, she goes over everything and shows me the progress I'm making," DesaRay said. "It's more monitored and there's more one-on-one engagement."

Visiting with her health coach regularly and getting tips to make little adjustments to her diet and lifestyle have helped DesaRay reach her goals a little at a time. Not only has DesaRay seen a decrease in her weight, but her blood work also has improved. Plus DesaRay says that overall she just feels better.

"I don't have my aches and pains," DesRay said. "It's a complete lifestyle change for me. It's like that mirror – she shows you things you don't want to see. It makes you want to work harder."

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Article written by Kim Phagan-Hansel, Wyoming freelance writer

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