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Try out this EMOM workout

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  • Written By: Rachel Wilde, PBT, CPT, MA
Try out this EMOM workout

According to a Prevention Magazine article, What Is an EMOM Workout? Why You Need to Give This Fitness Trend a Try, this is the workout everyone should try, but you probably haven't yet.

EMOM stands for Every Minute, On the Minute. It’s a type of interval training that starts a new set of exercises at the start of each minute. You do the same movement for the entire duration of the workout, or you can rotate through different exercises.

For example, you'd do different types of push-ups for your entire (short) session or begin with push-ups and move on to squats, lunges etc., each minute.

EMOM workouts have two great benefits:

  1. They’re efficient, it's a short workout, but you work harder through the session
  2. and they're versatile, incorporating a variety of strength or cardio moves—you'll cover all your bases.

The concept includes increasing the amount of work, or difficulty each minute and you will be challenged through the workout- resulting in improved performance and recovery.

If you try EMOM as a workout strategy, remember your body can adapt, and get used to it. Focus on variety, not difficulty to keep your body guessing and prevent a plateau. Also, too much of a good thing is a thing- and can result in overuse. Being mindful of a well-rounded workout is important and will help you avoid neglecting muscle groups or creating injury.

Sample EMOM Workouts

Want to give EMOM a try? Below are two sample workouts. They are short and sweet (20 minutes or less), but will get the job done! Remember that proper form or technique should always be your first priority, wear proper attire and drink plenty of fluids.

Conditioning: Repeat five times, for a total of 20 minutes

Jump rope X25 hops

Push-ups X15

Burpees X10

Kettle Bell Squats X15

Endurance: Repeat 3 times, 15 minutes total

Wall sit 30-45 sec.

Plank 30-45 sec.

Farmer's Carry 30-45 sec.

Side Plank R/L 30-45 sec each side

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Rachel Wilde, PBT, CPT, MA, works at CCH Wellness as a Technician and Phlebotomist

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