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Alcohol Safety: How Much is One Drink?

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Alcohol Safety: How Much is One Drink?

Drinking Responsibly During the Holidays and Beyond

With the holiday season upon us, many of our favorite holiday festivities involve drinking alcohol. In light of National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, learn more about how you can stay safe and drink responsibly.

The Dangers of Drunk Driving

During the holiday season, an average of 300 people die throughout the United States as a result of drunk driving-related accidents during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. With such shockingly high statistics, it is important to make sure that you, and those around you, practice alcohol safety and refrain from getting behind the wheel after even just a few drinks.

How Much Alcohol is in “One Drink”?

It is the rule of thumb to limit yourself to one alcoholic drink per hour to allow your body time to metabolize the alcohol in your system. However, you may find yourself wondering what one drink actually looks like. It all depends on the type of alcohol being consumed.


The recommended serving size for the average beer is 12 ounces. Remember to pay attention to the alcohol content of the beer that you’re drinking when limiting your alcohol consumption. While beer can range in alcohol content, the average beer is about 5%—although some beers can be upwards of 13% alcohol.


The standard serving size for an average glass of wine is about 5 ounces. Wine also varies in alcohol content—depending on the type of wine you’re drinking. While wine can range from 5 to 15% alcohol, the average bottle of wine is between 12 and 13%.

Distilled Spirits

Because there are many different types of distilled spirits with a range of alcohol contents, it is a little different than other types of alcohol. Regardless of the type of distilled spirits you are drinking, 1.5 ounces is considered one serving size.

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