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Thanks for working here this week: Amie Stirling, RN, BSN, Oncology

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Thanks for working here this week: Amie Stirling, RN, BSN, Oncology

Campbell County Health is proud of its employees, and we want the CCH family and the Campbell County community to know about the good work that they do for this organization.

Say hello to Amie Stirling, RN, BSN, who works in the Oncology department in the Heptner Cancer Center at Campbell County Memorial Hospital in Gillette, Wyoming. Amie earned her nursing degree from the University of Utah and has worked at CCH for 18 years; but she’s been a nurse for 23 years.

She was inspired to work in health care after being her best friend’s lamaze partner when they were 18 years old. “Going through the lamaze classes and watching the nursing staff while she was in labor made an impression on me. From that experience, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. My friend’s son was born in April and that August I started college in pursuit of a nursing career. Originally, I wanted to be an OB nurse but my career has never led me that direction. I started in the Medical/Surgical Unit for my first 10 years and then went on to Oncology for the past 12 years and counting,” she says.

Her first health hero is her mom. “I called her from college right before my first human anatomy lab and was very concerned about seeing the cadaver. I had only been to one funeral at that point in my life and never seen or been around a dead person before. At 19 years old this was a big concern for me. My mom gave me the best advice. She said, ‘Just pretend it is a car part that you are working with and hopefully that will help you deal with any situation you come across.’ That advice has helped me learn how to compartmentalize some of the not so great situations that come along with being a nurse,” Amie says.

But she doesn’t end there. “In each place that I have worked, I have been blessed to work with so many great nurses, CNAs and other medical providers who have helped me learn along the way. It is hard to name them all but a few include: Donna McMahill, Audrey Olsen, Sherry Bailey, Bette Smith, Deb McMurtrey, Rocky Reno, Gemma Monthey, Wanda Rice, and all my current coworkers. They have all shared their knowledge with me at some point in my career and helped me be a better nurse and person.”

When Amie isn’t working as a nurse, she has three children who keep her on her toes. “They are very active in sporting events, so I spend a lot of time running them to and from practice, and watching them play their sport. I like to read, go for hikes when I can, hang out with my immediate and extended family in town,” she says.

We asked Amie what she likes most about working at CCH, and what excellence every day means to her. Check out her answer:

“Our cancer patients and their families go out of their way to tell us how much they appreciate us. It is the little things like seeing them smile or getting an elbow bump (use to be a hug) from them that let us know we are helping them. Knowing that you have made a difference, no matter now big or small, in a patient’s life is very rewarding.

I work with the greatest group of people in the Heptner Cancer Center and Infusion Clinic. We have awesome team work, we support each other, we have fun together and laugh a lot. I love my cancer patients and their families. They are the most generous, kind and caring patients I have ever had the pleasure of taking care of. Cancer patients and their families have a lot of ups and downs during their care, and I am honored to help them during that time. We get to know our patients and their families well and in turn they get to know us and our families, too.

Excellence Every Day means listening to my patients and their family and doing my best to take care of them. It’s doing the right thing every time! I treat my patients how I would like my family members to be treated.”

Thank you, Amie, for all you to for your patients and colleagues in the Cancer Center. We are proud to have you on our team.

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