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Food Allergy Testing

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Food Allergy Testing

Anyone who has had allergy testing in the past has probably been through the experience of going to a lab and having blood collected from their arm, with the blood tested separately for each allergen, (the substance that may be causing the allergic reaction). Or the patient has an allergy “scratch test” where different allergens are tested by scratching a small incision on the patient’s skin. These methods of allergy testing take time, may involve a trip to the lab, and the provider must select the specific allergens to be tested. Sometimes it takes many different tests to determine exactly what allergies the patient has.

Campbell County Health’s Laboratory can perform a different type of allergy test that requires a much smaller blood sample with more comprehensive results. When a provider orders the Spiriplex allergy test, only four drops of blood are needed. The sample is tested for 68 of the most common food and environmental allergens, like dust mites, weeds and grasses, eggs and peanuts. Patients as young as six months old can be tested, and each sample is tested separately three times for better accuracy.

The test also detects sensitivity, or things the patient is slightly allergic to, which can be difficult to diagnose if the patient isn’t experiencing significant symptoms. Sometimes knowing what you CAN eat or be around in the environment is just as important as knowing what you CANNOT.

The test results, along with the patient’s history, physical exam, and symptoms, help the healthcare provider work with their patient to create a successful diagnosis and treatment plan.

Your healthcare provider can order the Spiriplex allergy test, and help you determine the next steps in getting to the bottom of your allergies.

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