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Wyoming Frontier Information (WYFI)

Campbell County Health (CCH) , Campbell County Medical Group and Campbell County Memorial Hospital participate in and contribute to the Wyoming Frontier Information (WYFI).

WYFI is Wyoming’s secure electronic health information exchange that allows other participating healthcare providers access to patient records including:

  • history
  • diagnosis
  • allergies
  • medications
  • lab results
  • radiology reports
  • and demographic and insurance information.

Because CCH and it’s entities participate in WYFI, you are automatically included and your health information is available for providers to securely access across Wyoming, and some providers in Colorado, Utah and South Dakota. Opting to share your medical information through WYFI provides faster treatment, fewer repeat tests, greater convenience by not needing to carry reports with you, as well as overall greater care coordination.

If you choose to not participate in the WYFI medical information exchange, you need to complete an opt-out form available below or at any registration desk. Opting-out means your health information including medical history, diagnosis, reports and medications will not be available for quick access by any providers.

WYFI differs from My Health Home – My Health Home is the patient portal where you can access your health information. WYFI is the Wyoming medical information exchange portal that promotes greater communication and access to records for medical professionals; patients don’t access WYFI.

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