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How Do You Pay Attention To Your Health?

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  • Written By: Andy Fitzgerald

So, I'm on this new diet called the Insanity Diet. I think it's working because it's driving me crazy.

On this particular diet you are required to eat five meals per day. That part I like. It's the stuff you have to eat that makes the diet rapidly go downhill. My dog Fergus used to sniff my lunch when I left in the morning, but now he runs and hides. I think he's afraid we may put him on the Insanity Diet for Dogs. I've only been on the diet for four days and I already wake up dreaming about sticks of celery battling it out with slices of pizza. I have to eat the winner and you'd be surprised how many times celery wins, which turns my dream into a nightmare. Anyway, that's what happens when you slow down your exercise routine and start eating just a little bit unhealthy. Over time, you see this new "you" start to take shape and the shape is round and jiggly. Now, everyone wants a slim and trim CEO who can scoot around the hospital making rounds (not being round), and who is youthful and energetic.

So, I will stick to the Insanity Diet and I will resume a more regular work out schedule. If you see me on rounds acting a little crazy, now you know why.

We all need to pay close attention to our health. Our eating, exercise, stress level, as well as our mental health all combine to determine how healthy we are. God has given us one body and one mind, so it's up to us to take care of our bodies.

The CCMH Wellness Department offers employees a robust wellness program and does an excellent job encouraging staff to succeed in the area of healthy living. I had a wellness appointment a few weeks back, and I was able to set new goals and talk through what I might do differently to accomplish those goals.

They can also help our community stay healthy. The healthCHECK+ program allows individuals to schedule lab tests and health screenings without a physician order, as well as order health risk assessments to help them better understand their health risks and their lab test results. On the corporate side, the department can whip together a comprehensive wellness program for a business' employees and offer onsite health screenings.

Take care of yourself because you are a vital part of the future success of this community.


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