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Know Your Numbers: Waist Circumference

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  • Written By: Rachel Wilde, PBT, CPT, MA
Know Your Numbers: Waist Circumference

At CCH Wellness, staff do thousands of screenings each year that allow our Corporate Wellness clients to better assess their overall health. We tackle a variety of measurements including blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and hearing so that each of our patients has a variety of methods to measure their health status and risks. One of the newest methods of quantifying this is through a waist girth measurement.

Some of you have asked, “why is waist circumference important?” For Wellness health coaches, this measurement is a reliable way to assess your risk for type two diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and even high cholesterol. The data collected from this measurement aligns very well with an unpleasant stereotype. (We’re sure that you know that beer bellies or food babies are not healthy.)

Simply stated: If you carry extra weight around your mid-section, rather than your hips, you are at a higher risk of the health complications I mentioned earlier.

I often tell my clients that all our important organs are located in the center of our bodies and truly there isn’t much important going on around your booty, unless you are Kim Kardashian. Your important organs like your liver, kidneys, lungs and heart are adversely affected by excess body fat.

A healthy measurement for a women’s waist is less than 35 inches and less than 40 inches for a man.

According to WebMD, to measure your waist girth:

  • Start at the top of your hip bone and bring the tape measure all the way around level with your belly button.
  • Make sure it's not too tight and that it’s straight.
  • Don't hold your breath while measuring.

I suggest that you have a friend take the measurement for you, so that you can ensure the tape is straight and not twisted—and try not to suck in your belly!

Check out this short Howcast YouTube video that instructs how to take an accurate waist circumference measurement.

Just so you know, a CCH Wellness health coach will be happy to take a waist measurement for you and explain your risks associated with your measurement—they can also help you to take steps to successfully change your waist circumference if needed.

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This blog was written by Rachel Wilde, CPT, MA, CCH Wellness Services Technician and Phlebotomist

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