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CCH is celebrating World Breastfeeding Week!

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  • Written By: Dane Joslyn
CCH is celebrating World Breastfeeding Week!

Campbell County Health is celebrating World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7!

According to the World Alliance for Breastfeeding, “In a world filled with inequality, crisis and poverty, breastfeeding is the foundation of lifelong good health for babies and mothers. Breastfeeding prevents hunger and malnutrition in all its forms, and ensures food security for babies, even in times of crisis. With no additional burden on household income, breastfeeding is a low-cost way of feeding babies and contributes to poverty reduction.” Learn more about this week on the WABA Facebook page.

Check out some information on the variety of breastfeeding services available to families at the Campbell County Memorial Hospital Maternal Child Department and in the Campbell County, Wyoming community. Regardless of where a mom and family are in their breastfeeding journey, the CCMH Maternal Child department has 15 nurses who are certified lactation counselors available 24/7, 365 days a year to help you get the best start or to keep going. Give them a call at 307-688-2200 to see how they can help you. Learn more at

CCMH Breastfeeding, Best Start
Getting off to the best breastfeeding start usually takes time. It takes babies three weeks to learn how to breastfeed so make sure you are patient with yourself and allow the learning and growth to happen together. Skin to skin contact is a great best start to breastfeeding. Leaving the hospital with the knowledge and comfort of a good latch and one position will help you succeed.

CCMH Breastfeeding Classes
Breastfeeding is supposed to be a natural maternal instinct but that doesn’t mean you will get the perfect latch or the right position out of the chute. That’s why it is beneficial for first time and repeat moms to attend one of our free breastfeeding classes. Classes are held every third Wednesday of each month from 7-9 pm at Campbell County Memorial Hospital, 501 S. Burma Avenue. Classes assist with developing a breastfeeding plan, what to expect in the first minutes, hours, days and weeks, strategies for pumping and returning to work and more. Learn more at

CCMH Milk Bank
Overall gut health is becoming more and more prevalent and research has shown that adult gut health starts as an infant. Breastmilk provides enzymes and nutrition that are difficult to get with formula. Campbell County Memorial Hospital believes in the importance of what breastmilk provides so we offer pasteurized donor milk for any newborn that needs supplementation and particularly preemies at no charge. CCMH is also a human breastmilk donor site. Anyone producing milk and is in generally good health can complete the screening process and become a donor. Visit for more information.

Having a newborn in the NICU can be stressful and overwhelming. Figuring how to breastfeed or provide the best nutritional support for your newborn is usually a big concern for new moms. The Maternal Child nurses have a variety of ways to support you during this process including pumping tips, donor breastmilk options and support during the transition from tube feedings, to bottles to the breast before you go home.

CCH Home Medical Resources: Breast pumps
Campbell County Health Home Medical Resources is the only Medela breast pump provider in town with the hands-on and first-hand breast pump experience. They carry Wyoming Medicaid and insurance-friendly breast pumps along with all the supplies you will need to be successful. It is important that you have a pumping plan developed even before you deliver; including insurance coverage verification and getting a physician order. You can visit with the staff at Home Medical Resources at 901 W. Second Street—across from the Rockpile Museum. Or call 307-688-6260. Learn more at

Campbell County Public Health Breastfeeding Options
Once you have gone home from the hospital you can get breastfeeding support and help through Campbell County Public Health, 2301 S. 4-J Road, in Gillette, Wyoming. They offer free support over the phone, at the clinic or in the comfort of your own home. Their nurses and certified lactation counselors want you to be successful at breastfeeding long after the newborn smell wears off. Give them a call at 307-682-7275 to see how they can help you. Learn more about Campbell County Public Health at

La Leche League in Gillette, Wyoming
Campbell County’s La Leche League leader Amanda encourages pregnant moms to visit the La Leche League meetings to get tips and tricks for breastfeeding prior to birth and then to participate and continue to get support from other nursing moms during the entire breastfeeding period. La Leche League meets at Frist United Methodist Church, 2000 W. Lakeway Road on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 6 pm. Amanda can be reached via email at Learn more about the La Legche League on Facebook.

Wyoming WIC Program
The Wyoming Department of Health WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program offers a large variety of nutrition resources for income-eligible who are pregnant, breastfeeding or postpartum and along with infants and children up to five years old. Breastfeeding education and support is a no-cost way to feed your infant and while providing the best nutrition possible at the same time. Certified lactation counselors and breastfeeding peer counselors are available to help any family be successful with breastfeeding. WIC is located in the Campbell County Public Health building, 2301 S. 4-J Road, and can be reached at 307-686-8560. Learn more about the Wyoming WIC Program on Facebook.

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