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Volunteering in the New Normal

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Volunteering in the New Normal

A lot has changed at Campbell County Health since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, including our volunteers. Visiting restrictions implemented in March didn’t allow for any volunteers at Campbell County Memorial Hospital or at The Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center to protect employees and vulnerable patients and residents. While restrictions continue at The Legacy, some volunteers came back at the hospital in early June.

Robin Bailey volunteered at the Information Desk in the main lobby, greeting patients and visitors and giving them directions to their destinations. The Information Desk is now a COVID-19 symptom screening station, manned by screeners five days a week. Robin was a little disappointed at first because the screeners were the first people to greet patients and visitors, but now her role has changed.

“I can still help people as they come into the building,” says Robin. “The screeners are very busy, and I’m assisting with wheelchairs and answering questions. I’m so glad to be back.”

Unfortunately Robin cannot volunteer at The Legacy, but she understands that the restrictions are for the protection of the residents.

“I encourage all the families of residents to join the Facebook group that’s been created for them,” said Robin. “It gives the families a chance to see their loved ones doing activities, even though they can’t see them in person right now.”

CCH volunteer Lisa Mahylis did double duty in the hospital Gift Shoppe and in the Dialysis Center. Things hadn’t changed much in Dialysis when Lisa was able to come back to volunteering. Lisa visits with the dialysis patients during their sessions, and helps clean and disinfect the department after each patient.

“They were already doing the extra sanitation and precautions there,” said Lisa. “I always gowned up and gloved up before the pandemic. The only thing I added was to start wearing a mask.”

Additional cleaning processes were implemented in the Gift Shoppe when it reopened, and employees were especially glad to be able to shop there again. Lisa noted that the traffic patterns have been a little different since the new patient rooms opened above the main lobby.

“I think the display cases in the Maternal Child and Medical/Surgical lobbies have helped,” said Lisa. “We want customers to know that the Gift Shoppe is still here, with great merchandise.”

Robin and Lisa had no qualms about being back at the hospital. The daily symptom screening is reassuring, as is the requirement for everyone to wear a mask.

“I really missed seeing the Dialysis patients,” said Lisa. “Like most people, I was going nuts just staying at home. I’m very glad to be back.”

If you're interested in learning more about volunteering with CCH, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Chris Buxton at 307.688.1536 or visit Days and hours are flexible, and Chris can find an activity that is tailored to most people’s interests and abilities.

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